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exhaust manifold recommendations


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March 3, 2015
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Hart, Michigan
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2007 Mercury Moutaineer
I have a 07 Mountaineer with the 3V 4.6, 120K. I've managed through the plug removal/replacement last summer, all went well. Now the passenger side exhaust is leaking. I pulled the wheel and inner panel and can see that the 2 studs on #1 are gone. Loud ticking on start up that goes away after 30 seconds, I could live with it but it drives me nuts. Looking at the repair, it's beyond my ability. Locally, checking with small shops no one wants to mess with it. We do have a Ford dealer nearby but you know what that means ($$$$$$$$$$$$$). Of course, when I bought the vehicle I purchased the extended 100,000 mile warranty. Nothing, all good until about 110,000, Then air conditioning, front bearings, plugs, now the exhaust. Any recommendations for a shop in W. Michigan that is familiar with the repair that won't leave me in the bread line. Thanks, Tater

I work for a ford dealership I did one on a police explorer with the 4.6 3v the only way to repair that the right way is to remove the engine. I tried the other routes because I couldn't believe it but couldn't find another route sorry I would live with the noise. The bolts on this one had also sheared off. Only thing that was nice was they were easy to extract with it out.

right side, remove starter, unbolt motor mount, jack up engine a few inches, old exhaust will come out, my studs were cracked off flush with the block, I got long reverse drill bit and drilled thru shock tower into the stud, it came right out no need for an easy bit. if the small hole in shock tower bothers you weld it up and paint. good as new, quick and easy,

I replaced my manifold with an new factory ford and new gaskets and studs about 1 1/2 yrs ago. started ticking again. I would like to see if headers would solve this problem.






Well done I would go his route the bolts do come out easy. Mine was a warranty repair they would have had my butt for drilling through the shock tower but if it is your personal vehicle and you DO repair the hole I would suggest his route all day long. BTW the engine removal on that is @ around 15 hrs. So yeah.... Did check on any updates from Ford on parts no change or bullitons on concern all though it appears to be a common issue the only thing I can think of is the frame rails on that platform are really close together causing the engine to twist more in a shorter area not allowing it to disperse. I would try the header idea with a well done exhaust set up such as good rubber bushings not the weld to frame exhaust shops. Good luck