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Exhaust Modification! Help!

That’s the cheap exhaust I have. 60 buck out the door. It’s louder than what I wanted and the only reason I have dual exit is I got the muffler on clearance.

I don’t think the price of a FM is going to net anything you want just swapping mufflers. Just my opinion.


Ive been doing a lot of thinking about what I want to do to my X. Do you think it would be too loud if I removed the secondary cats and ran into a dual in dual out flowmaster original 40 into a Y pipe into the stock tail pipe? Seems really quick and easy to do

Dual in/single out would be easier than that and yield about the same tone and cost less because no additional Y pipe. You could probably even fab it up yourself if you have access to some tools. If you look in front of the secondary cats there is a flange that you can unbolt it from the forward pipes( I had to cut mine off with a torch) and remove everything from the second cats back.I reused that so I could take mine off and on.