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Exhaust smell on a 2018


March 14, 2003
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2018 Limited Explorer
Under a decent acceleration (ie: flooring it or up a hill) with the air system on, an exhaust smell enters the cabin. This is on a 2018 and my understanding is that any TSB from Ford on this is only for 2011-2017. I just purchased this 2018 and it has 55k. What are my options? V6 limited.

Still investigating this. I had the HVAC system OFF last night and I floored it for about 6-7 seconds and the front windshield instantly fogged up significantly. I got to thinking, could this be a leaky windshield/failed seal around the windshield? I don't notice any moisture on the interior of the windshield in the mornings which makes me doubt this theory but it was an interesting detail I thought might help get to the bottom of this. Any thoughts?

I looked at the thread above but my Air intake area doesn't look the same, so I couldn't really test that theory out.

Check out your PCV it might need to be replaced. Under the service guide PCVs need to be replaced often with this model.