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Exhaust Tip Question


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July 4, 2018
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Corinth TX
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2013 Explorer Sport
So im doing my first exhaust job...its on my Ecoboost Explorer and my question is, if the muffler outlet ID is 2.25 and the tips I want are 2.25 ID how do I attach them. Or do I order 2.50 ID tips that will slip over the muffler outlets, or 2.25 stub pipe between the muffler outlet and tip inlet.
I know this is a rookie question and im def a exhaust rookie, have always had exhaust work done, want to start doing it myself

One option, but pry not the best option, is to use band clamps. I used Torca TorcTite EasySeal stainless steel band clamps for my Gibson exhaust install.



Buy and 2.25 ID/OD adapter and clamp or better yet tack them together. You could probably also expand the tailpipe enough to slip the 2.25 inside.