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August 13, 2009
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Long Island, NY
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'02 Explorer XLT
Might be a dumb question. I have a 2002 Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC

It seems that exhaust piping is 2.25,correct?

Now i want to buy the Cherry Bomb Vortex. The inlet of the muffler has to be 2.25 or 2.50?

Srry if it is dumb but cant seem to find the answer, i dont know if its measured OD or ID.

Plan on ordering tomorrow.

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if the two are close in size then any decent muffler shop will be able to widen a pipe to adapt the two. i had it done on my 4.6. all they did was patch in a section of pipe that was a 1/4 in wider on one end and then reduce it back down on the other end of the muffler

hmm tryna stay away from a shop,cause of budget. I plan on dumpin the outlet right after the muffler..just the inlet holding me back. How much does this run around?

when i had mine done my local shop only charged me 30.00 to weld the new muffler in. that included modifying the pipes to fit. plus if i ever get an exhaust leak at either seam they will weld it again for free

so i went to mineke and they wanted $195 just to install, so this leads me to another question.. whats the size pipe leaving the last cat going into the resonator. Looks like the resonator outlet reduces it to 2.25.

I can't answer your last question since I removed my cat, but Autozone and the likes sell a small pipe that allows you to couple two 2.25" pipes together. Now if you dump it, it will be LOUD!!! I did the same to my V8 with a FM40 and it was to much noise for me. Goodluck!

You shouldn't have any issues with pipe size. I havent installed it yet but my gibson catback cam with a short pipe that goes from small to big that sits in between the cat and the muffler. They aren't going to sell you an exhaust that is "matched" to your truck if you need to take it to a shop for the install.

And I heard that courtny wasn't all that happy with her cherry bomb

i got single in and dual out 2 1/2 inch tips 40 series flowmasters on my 01 sport