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Exhuast setup for a 57 chevy...need advice


March 25, 2003
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Alright. My bro is doing a restomod 1957 Chevy 4 door for his first car. We have put a crate 350 putting out 290 hp under the hood. The car will be done this summer, just about when he will be driving by himself. He is turning 16 next month and I want to buy him a couple mufflers for his true-dual exhaust. I am not sure what to get him. He wants it to sound nice, but not too loud cause the law will be gunning for him being a young fella. What would sound good on this engine in a true dual setup? Nothing to expensive either, cause I ain't rich.

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Flowmaster makes a nice setup for that type of car. Check out their website for how each style sounds..they have info on which are louder and which are quieter...


Check out Thrush Turbo mufflers. They are cheap, $20 each and sound pretty good. Id definitely want two though, I ran one on my 302 for a while with a turndown and it was too loud for my tastes.

Oh just to add in. He is running long tube headers and no cats, so I know this will affect sound. Anyone have any experience with exhaust on a similarly setup Chevy 350?

You want it to sounds like a lowrider, get glass packs at least 18" long (the longer, the deeper) with 2" tips. You want it to sound mean, get magnaflow or flowmasters. It's going to be loud no matter what you get. A muffler shop should be able to help too.

I have headers and only two cats on my V8- I haven't found any non stock exhaust for it that is quiet. The headers really make good sound, but it is louder because of the extra flow. I just did a Magnaflow exhaust and it sounds nice and deep.