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Expedition with blown head gasket


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October 10, 2003
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Jeffersonville, PA
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91 xl
My Explorer gave up the ghost a about two years ago. In the time since I bought a 98 Epedition XLT with 4.6 Romeo and I just bought an 87 Bronco with a stout 302 and typical Bronco rust. MY Expedition blew the passenger side head gasket and has overheated on multiple occasions. I originally planed to just replace it with the Bronco but it is just too nice to junk. The shops I checked with either say they need to raise the body to do ANY engine work or to get a grenade, pull pin, place under hoos, close hood. The Expedition does have 198K on the clock. Instead of changing the gasket I am now leaning toward a long block. Anybody successfully had major engine work done with the body on? I live in a condo so I am no longer at liberty to do my own major work.

sounds like you need to find some more/better/creative mechanics. :)
the engines are a pain to get out of those trucks, but with properly modified equipment, they are no harder than any other vehicle. you have to pul the upper & lower intake anyway...after that, there are engine hoists that pull the engine with ease. sounds like your mechanics aren't "motivated" ? :)

Thanks for the reply Jack Flash. My mechanic did seem less than enthusiastic. I'll keep looking for someone else in my area.

I.ve pulled an 5.4 engine out of an E 250 van without any major problem. takes time, patience, and a few "chill" pills...