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experience with these black headlights?


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November 21, 2003
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Sunnyvale, CA
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2001 Explorer Sport
anybody have or know someone that has these installed?

do the turn lamps still light up amber? is the light output noticably worse?

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They look kind of cool :thumbsup:

I am sure the corners still light up amber


theres plenty of people with them..light output is the same for the headlights because the part that the light reflects off of is still chrome. the turn signals still light up amber also.

anyone have pics of these on a gold explorer?

nice... might have to pick up a set!!

Believe Black magic has them on his sport, think he posted them on this site last year.

may look nice on a black or silver explorer

They light up the road exactly the same and you need yellow bulbs for the turn signals to light up yellow. I have the amber Silverstar turn signal bulbs that look silver when not lit. Here is a pic:


They look great on your ride Bill, killer