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Explorer 1994 Rhythmic knock at the front of the car


May 23, 2018
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Explorer I 1994
Gentlemen, please help ...

I have an ExI from 1994. I have restored it to the factory condition, but I can not get rid of one problem. When adding and subtracting gas, you can hear a rhythmic knock at the front of the car. (identical when dealing with broken wheel bearings. You have ideas what it can be?
I replaced everything in the suspension: left and right wheel bearings, suspension bolts, crosses, undressed rear axle.

Surely there will be someone with more experience and tell me what else to check.

Regards Gerard

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Check the heat shields on the exhaust, they can vibrate at different RPMs and speeds. Other than that it's really hard to diagnose without hearing it for myself.

Thanks for the quick response. Ok, I`ll check it tomorrow, but this sound comes from the side of the wheels and sometimes I can feel it under the driver's feet.


You say it sounds like wheel bearings but that you replaced the wheel bearings. Did you set them up and torque the lock nuts correctly? Maybe too loose or too tight and it caused failure of the new parts?

Are the motor mounts in good condition? When adding and subtract gas the engine twists in the chassis, bad motor mounts can transmit NVH to the frame and then to the body where it is felt in the floor boards.

Other thing to look at is the radius arm bushings, if they are gone you can get a bump getting on and off the gas (dependent on how far they are gone, it may be more of a clunk).

Thanks with your suggestions. I lifted the rear axle up. I noticed that something was blocking it when turning the rear axle. After unscrewing the rear axle shaft rotates smoothly. It looks like it would block something from the reducer's side.


I was having a loud tick tick tick sound from the front end of my "new" 93 X, would get faster as I would accelerate. After fearing the worst, it turned out that it was missing the anti-rattle springs from the front caliper, the pads were rattling from vibration. New anti-rattle springs, sound gone.