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Explorer 2001 5R55E no reverse after vb gasket change


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October 20, 2009
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Godley TX
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2001 XLT
I everyone.

I had an issue with 1st to 2nd shift and tracked this is a blown out vb gasket...
I ordered both vb to separator plate and separator plate to transmission as well as a new reverse servo gasket...
The repair seemed uneventful,but now no reverse...
I pulled reverse servo cover back off and it seems to moving freely by hand...
I'm at a standstill... I have limited transmission experience mostly changing fluid and filters but am hand with tools...

Any ideas anyone?

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do your forward gears work?

I have not road tested it but low forward is working.
I should also mention that reverse goes forward rather than being like neutral.

I bet you are right tranman304. I do not recall specifically looking at this.
Is there a way to get it back in without dropping that valve body?

You can loosen all the bolts to let the VB drop enough to engage. Do NOT pry to get it to go!

Your very welcome, glad it worked out for you. Great job!