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Explorer. 4.0 ltr V6. Where are the freeze plugs??


November 9, 2010
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1991 Explorer Sport
I have a freeze plug that's either blown out or most of way out. I pour water into the thing and it just runs right out like it's wide open. I can see it running out, but I can't quite see the source. Looking at it from the front, it's just to the right of the water pump. Maybe just behind the power steering pump.

What's the best way to get to that? I have a Haynes manual, but it doesn't mention anything about freeze or frost plugs or expansion plugs, core plugs, etc.

Is there a diagram or something somewhere that shows the different freeze plug locations?

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there are three on each side of the block, right under each cylinder pretty much.... Pull out your inner fender and you will see them clearly. Since it is on the drivers side, that is the easy side to remove. If it is coming from the front of your block in that location, I would be more apt to suspect a head gasket or a water pump, likely the water pump....

Yeah, I was initially thinking water pump. But a guy who works at the local Ford dealer to a look and said freeze plug. So I don't know now. We did have a good freeze a couple weeks ago, and it started leaking water a few days after that.

Pretty sure it isn't the head gasket. No oil in water or visa versa, and no missing or hesitation or anything like that. At least, I hope not.

I'll take a look at the plugs through the wheel well like you mentioned. Thanks for the input!

Sorry, there is one right underneath the power steering pump too. I completely forgot about the two on the front of the engine.

I really apologize.... I look at too many engines and just don't remember everything all the time...

Anyways, I don't recall a great way to get at that front freeze plug.

Hey, no worries. I just greatly appreciate the response. It helps confirm what the other guy said, and I have a better idea for what to dive at first.

I assume I'll have to take off the power steering pump. Not too thrilled about that. But oh well.

Or I might try getting at it from underneath. Here's to hoping!

in the head

I believe the core plugs in the front are in the head and not the block.


freeze plug locations

I have a 2006 Explorer 4.0 V6 with what appears to be leaking explansion plugs. They are located just below the intake manifod area between the cylinder heads. I can find nothing to confirm this and no articles on how to replace. Any ideas.