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Explorer 5R55E no upshift


January 19, 2011
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Detroit, MI
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94 Explorer XLT 4 door 4w
It 1999 explorer with 4.0L SOHC

Tran been rebuilt 35K miles ago. Fluid is clean red no burn.

It had issues I am try find what exact issue is.

1 gear work great had engine brake

2 gear no slip and had engine brake

Once 3 no upshift it just stay in 2 gear at 2500 rpm at 40 mph. It wasn't slipping because tran cooler is barely warm after 20 miles of 35-45 mph in 2 gear.

NO #3 #4 #5 and codes say for #4 #5 incorrect gear ratio. Overdrive start flash if you touch button or couple times of coast it pop or try go higher 45 mph to 55 it pop.

Reverse it definably LAG it get about 3-5 seconds to pop in gear. I don't recall if it slip to me.

I have scanner so what I need to look for?

Sorry for my bad English. My First Language is ASL

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Just so you understand, manual 2nd is actually 3rd gear in a 5R55E trans. Is there only one code? Does the code reference a solenoid? What are the codes? You may have a blown valve body gasket.

Was work on explorer today

I got codes

P1000 OBD system readiness test not complete

P1703 Brake switch out of self test range. I suspect it hack trailer wiring on brake light that been blew bulbs in past time.

P1780 Transmission Control Switch (O/D Cancel) Circuit out of self test range

P1116 Engine coolant temp sensor out of self test range

P1127 Exhaust Temp out of range O2 sensor test not complete

PO734 Gear 4 incorrect ratio
PO73 5 Gear 5 incorrect rato

The first 5 codes are engine codes , you must have reset the computer, they will pick up and clear after about 30 miles of normal driving including highway miles.
Codes P0734 & 735 reference to the 4 shift solenoids one of which or more could be bad or the internal wire harness has bare wires touching each other, a blown valve body gasket could cause this also. Drop the pan pull the shift solenoids and test them, if one has an open coil, replace it, a continuity test is not a 100% test as a special machine is needed to test the fluid flow and to test for leakage. If all test ok, pull the valve body and look for a blown gasket, have new gaskets on hand to replace and use a INCH pound torque wrench on the valve body bolts.
This is where you start if none of this fixes the problem, the trans needs rebuilt, as there is an internal problem.

Could I just ohm on tran plug by band adjust screw?

I just want ohm solenoid from outside plug where harness go in. It blue cover plug if you know what I am talking.

I couldn't find any info how to ohm those expect remove oil pan. On my F350 with 4R100 there were tons of info how ohm by outside though connectors.

I plan go to junkyard to get valve body from lower miles explorer or ranger with solenoid.

What ohm is good for all solenoids?

Thank for help me since I want this explorer fix asap. Tired of drive 35-40 mph.

Ok did ohm on transmission connector

7 pin is 29.8
9 is 30.4
14 is 30.3
16 is 29.5

I notice after try coast by off gas toward to stop sign or redlight it start flash overdrive.

Sorry, there is nothing else you can check from the outside.

After drive I notice that if you toward to bridge which had slope you go down it finally shift in 4 gear and rpm drop to 2500 at 45 mph I think it locked not unlock.

I wasn't sure it 3 or 4 gear but I am deaf so I been watch rpm/speed to make sure no slipping it feel it really LOCK no slip. If you try rev it would move faster so I know it wasn't slip.

Tran cooler isn't hot just slightly warm.

I notice that Reverse gotten longer to engage about 5 second.

If you coast or slow down from 25-0 it pop overdrive flash. I pray it not coast clutch:mad:

I finally broke down and order rebuilt valve body from Central bodies for $229 due discount from here:thumbsup:

Hope it fixes the problem, Replacing the valve body with one from Central is the only way to be sure that the problem is or is not the valve body.

Didn't fix issue.

But can go 62 mph with 3200 rpm. Before that it was 3K rpm at 50 mph.

I had scanner with me when OD start flash you could feel it struggle shift until I reset computer it back normal.

No flash until it coast.

Keep getting Po734 and Po735

Already adjust bands they aren't broke.

Bump this thread again

I am very confused how this da#n transmission shift. It hard for me to say.

If you drive 45 mph it 2500 rpm but when you click overdrive off it went up 3000 if I remember is that #3 gear but 2500 rpm at #4?

I read that P0735 is electronic issue but not mechanical issue in this 5R55E.

Reverse seem to be 2 sec to engage is that good or bad?

P0735 can be mechanical also. Do you have the ATSG 5R55E transmission manual? if you do look at the top right on page 23.
P0734 can also be an internal mechanical problem, page 32 in the manual.
Both can be electrical or internal mechanical problems.
The 5R55E is a 5 speed transmission with a lock up torque converter, the converter can lock in 3-4 or 5th gears, and 2nd depending on computer programing, the tack will drop every time it locks up. It only locks in 2 and 3 gears under light throttle, RPM change is about the same as a gear change. Some transmissions skip second gear in drive under light throttle, again this depends on (PCM) computer programing. Then you have the fact that Manual 2 on the gear selector is actually 3rd gear. It can be very confusing, Typically when you turn off OD (5th gear) the torque converter also unlocks, so the RPM change that you see when you push the OD off button is probably the torque converter unlocking. If the 4th and 5th gear problem isn't electrical, then it is an internal mechanical problem.