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Explorer 93, Eurospec


January 4, 2003
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Vellinge, Sweden;Europe
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2003 sport trac xlt
Hi there!

first of all, thank´s for a nice forum !

I live i Sweden and like many Swedes, bought my car i Germany. I got it home last week and bought it as a wintercar while my other car i asleep in the garage!.

I must say iám positivly surprised !. it´s a very nice car to drive, atleast in speeds suitible for this car type.
( even though iám shoure many of you goes flat out !)

Yes, i have those vibrations mentioned here but iám not shoure that i will deal with it since it not SO bad.

Does anyone now if something differs between Europe and US models?

Mine is not called anything( like XLS) but Explorer, has leather interior with ortopedic seats, AC, no cruise, mag wheels, blue and silver coating, NO rust !! and just 110000 "highway" km on it.

I went to buy a Cherokee but got a better deal on the Ford and so far iám not crying but on this forum i get the impression that an X is very expensive to keep.

Is it and, if that´s the case, why ?

How should you handle the 4x4 switch, ie what speedlimit is there, if any, to engage and to top?

When does the hubs engage? in just low? and should you reverse a couple of meters after been running in "low"?

My handbook is in German and iám not the best in that language!

The only error on the car is that the AC-compressor is totally gone! does it fit from any other(Euro) Fords since it´s hard to find an X in the junkyards in Sweden!

Both me and my wife loves the car so far and we might keep it longer than initially expected !

/best reg, Per, Vellinge Sweden!

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A couple of things....First the A/C. Did the vehicle have air conditioning as an option, and just the compressor was removed? The system is totally different if not optioned out as an a/c vehicle....

2. The 4X4 button should be pressed at speeds no higher than 80, and the low range should be engaged/disengaged at a stop, with the vehicle in neutral, with a foot on the brake.

Are the hubs manual, or auto(electric)? If auto, they engage when the 4X4 button is pressed.

Welcome Aboard!

It 's always good to have a contact from overseas so that we can compare models.

Your 93 Explorer may have had the R-12 refrigerant A/C system. If this is correct, it's possible the compressor was removed for some reason. (it broke, or it was not possible to recharge it with new R-12 in Europe).

Or, your 93 may have never had A/C as an option.

I do not know about the laws in Sweden, but it's likely that you can not get R-12 fitted to a car anymore. In the US, most 94 and later Explorers have the R-134a refrigerant a/c system. Maybe you can look into getting an R-134a system installed.

Even though I'm still in the US I'm in Europe at least twice a year and I've seen my share of the Euro Spec Explorers. I would like to start by welcoming you on this board. You'll learn a lot from all the guys here. There is no problem out there that wasn't addressed here... that's for sure. All you have to do is ask.

Now... Explorers in Europe differ a bit from the ones sold in the US. On the outside they have different rear and front bumpers. Rear one is equiped witha fog light... On the interior there is an extra console by the steering wheel. I know there are some switches there although I don't even remember for what. Mechanically it's all pretty much the same. 4 liter engine is enough. Is yours manual or automatic?

Now, A/C... that might have to be recharged. I don't know if they still use R-12 refrigerant in Sweden... if so, try to add frean to the system and see if the A/C works. If not, if there is a leak you might have to fix that before recharging again. Fix might also be as simple as a bad low preasure switch. 4X4 switch can be activated while the truck is in motion and at speeds up to 80 km/h. After you hit the switch OFF in order to disconect the front hubs you need to stop and back-up a couple of meters. In order to engage LowRange you have to be stoped, put gear selector in Neutral and depress brake pedal. No need to back-up after you go back to HighRange unless you'd like to turn 4X4 completely off.
From my experiance with both Cherokee and Explorer I can tell you right now.... I have never had as many problems with any of my previously owned Explorers as I had with my Cherokee (which I'm selling BTW). Explorer was a better choice then (IMHO).

So far I pretty much covered it. If you need manual in English, let me know. I might have a couple still in Europe. As for the A/C compressor? I think we can work something out if you really need one.

Good luck!

Thank´s guys!

I was´nt clear enough when i sad that the compressor was "gone", it´s there alright, just won´t spinn so , ofcours, the belt is removed and i need a replacement compressor. Thanks for clearing things up with the fourwheel/low gear buttons, not nice to press in at highwayspeed and blow something away or maybe, i don´t know, get the car unstable.

For the hubs they say automatic on the hubcap.

/ best reg, Per

these are automatic hubs then and don't need any special attention unless they stop working. At that time your best bet is to replace them with manual ones available from Warn...

good luck!

As for the Expensive part, I think those are 2 fold.

1st Fold: Plain ol Explorer...
**Yes they like Gas a lot!
**Tires and such are always more than a car. **Maintainance is more just because it needs more fluids and such...Oil, Diff Fluid, Transmission Fluid etc...
**For the most part they are Very Reliable (I have had no problems as of yet, other than being remotely paranoid and **** [knock on wood])
**SUVs in general are expensive to maintain and run

2nd Fold: Finatics and Modified Explorers
**In general people here are finatics, meaning many of us use the BEST and most EXPENSIVE parts, fluids and such.
**Many people here get 'aftermarket' parts to increase performance, which cost a lot and generally increase operation cost as well as make repairs more expensive.
----Lifting, changing out gears, bigger tires, more power, driving harder and breaking things etc...