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Explorer and Ranger Door Sticker Axle Codes Deciphered


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November 6, 2010
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2000 Eddie Bauer 5.0
I'm sure that this is probably already on here somewhere, but I thought that I would post it anyway. I know a lot of us want to know what the gearing on our trucks are, so instead of climbing underneath and trying to make out what's marked on a rusty old tag attached to the diff cover, or jacking up the back and counting driveshaft revolutions, I thought that I would make it a little easier. You can figure it out just by looking on the driver's side door sticker. At the bottom of the sticker is a spot marked "axle", and underneath that a couple of letters, or numbers, or a combination of the two... a letter and a number(s).
Here's what they stand for.

Axle code/ Limited Slip or Non Limited Slip/ Gears/ Vehicle

41 NLS 3.27 Ex/Mount.
42 NLS 4.10 Ex/Mount.
43 NLS 3.08 Ex/Mount.
45 NLS 3.55 Ex/Mount.
46 NLS 3.73 Ex/Mount.
D1 LS 3.27 Ex/Mount.
D2 LS 4.10 Ex/Mount.
D4 LS 3.73 Ex/Mount.
L73 LS 3.73 Ex/Mount.
17 NLS 3.31 Ex/Mount.
19 NLS 3.55 Ex/Mount.
H6 LS 3.73 Ex/Mount.
H7 LS 3.31 Ex/Mount.
84 NLS 3.45 Ranger
86 NLS 3.73 Ranger
87 NLS 4.10 Ranger
89 NLS 4.56 Ranger
91 NLS 3.27 Ranger
92 NLS 3.08 Ranger
96 NLS 3.73 Ranger
F6 LS 3.73 Ranger
F7 LS 4.10 Ranger
R5 LS 3.55 Ranger
R6 LS 3.73 Ranger

I hope this helps some of you out and saves you a bit of work.