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Explorer Center Console Armrest


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December 15, 2003
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Austin, Texas
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99 Sport
New member, quick question.

I've got a 99 Sport 5 speed. It had the center console with the armrest elevated a couple inches above the console itself. The armrest has proceeded to snap off, and is now free floating.

I found a place that sells a replacement hinge for the 91-94 explorer and ranger to correct this problem... does anyone know if that same bracket will fix my 99? I've seen pics of the console, and they look the same, but I'm not sure.

Thanks for any help....

yep the arm rest hinge is the same for the first gen explorers and the 2nd gen sports. I have just swaped a 98 sport console into my 92 explorer 4door.

replaced bracket last weekend

My center armrest snapped off a couple of months ago, and I ordered a replacement bracket from 1A Automotive. The replacement bracket was reinforced with steel and was much sturdier than the stock all-plastic bracket. Installation was very easy with a dremel.