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Explorer clubs in New York?


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December 9, 1999
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Smithtown, Long Island, New York
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1993 Explorer Sport 4x4
Does anyone know if there are any Explorer clubs in New York or specifically Long Island that I haven't heard about?

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I dont think there are... i would love to try and start one up..


Come on guys... i know somone wants to start one!

I want to start one but I need a few members before I do. So anyone that is interested let me know.


I don't know far you guys are up there in NY but if you have just about run out of trails up there you can always come down here... Paragon is legal and has lots of stocker to locker trails it's not that far for you guys since it is in the Northern part of the state.... it doesn't cost much and there is a camp ground if a motel or hotel is out of your range....they take clubs and have trail leaders to help scope out trails you all want to do... I can contact them if anyone is interested in getting a weekend together... let me know



check out the East Coast Rumble ...there is a link to my pics while at Paragon (lol the only Explorer there amongst the jeepers)

ill be up there in June. what did you guys have in mind? can we find some trails out on the island or upstate?

i say we need to find trails on the island! i live right smack in the middle of this place.


I'm all for it... somone need to take charge and make some plans... i'll be there.... let me know? anyone else?


I know there are some trails out in Montauk by Hither Hills State Park. I used to go with my Dad in his Suburban to find places to go fishing, they aren't that good but they are there.

The only place to go off-roading on LI is to get a Suffolk county outerbeach permit ($75) or a permit for the state parks. Check out http://www.li4x4.com/.

Ok guys ... i see on www.li4x4.com the J**p guys have there club going we need to start one and show them what real trucks can do... anyone wana make plans?

let me knwo


I don't do very much off roading but I would be in.