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explorer clubs in new york?


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April 27, 2001
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Oceanside, NY
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03 4Runner SR5
Are there any explorer clubs in New York?

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u wanna open one

hey chuck I'm just in jersey....

I'm looking for an xplorer club too but I think nobody here in jersey or NYC have one...

I think its bout time to have one.... lets organize it..... I'm sure there 's alot of xplr owner whose looking for one.

let me know if yer interested

we'll gather people


Where on Long Island are you from? I have been trying to start one but I haven't found anyone close to me that was interested.

I'm from...


BElleville NJ

we canorganize this thing....

a NY/NJ xplr club

all we need is to sign up people and inform them that xplr community exist in NY/NJ.... I'm sure a lot of xplr owners would join. This is just simple rules but its not easy'we'll be needing each others help but I know this would work...

and we could make a xplor show annually round NJ/NY area
wat do u think?

let me know yer propositions..... ideas and soon to be problems


...and let me know wat could be the hindrances

Hi, Im from MA & NH, with the in-laws in Plattsburgh NY.
I am planning on going to the 7th Annual New England 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals, in Essex Junction, VT. (August 4th & 5th)Maybe you guys can make this your first gatthering?

August 4 - 5, 2001
Essex Junction, VT

Champlain Valley Exposition
Essex Junction, VT
How to get there

Saturday & Sunday, August 4 - 5, 2001

Held at the Champlain Valley Exposition near Burlington. Open to all makes, models & years of 4WD show and race trucks. Includes show-n-shine competition, mud drags, Tough Trucks (sm), monster trucks, burnout contest, tug-a-trucks, monster truck wishbone, Extreme Team monster truck rides and Performance Marketplace. Part of the Special Events Performance Series. Call (317) 236-6515 or www.familyevents.com.

Im from Oceanside, woooffff VT thats pretty far... no?, anyhow yeah def im game for an X club.. a friend wanted me to join his extreme club but i didnt want to get mixed up with the chevy's...lol
Anyhow, im not to familiar on how this would work but i guess all we have to do is keep on posting to see who would want to join...
then well go from there...

Do you ever goto Deer Park Avenue (DPA)? It's a pretty commonly known strip so I think we should set a date and all meet in a parking lot there.

its kinda far

VT is kinda far...

well k chuck here's wat we got to do...

we have to advertise that xplor community exist in NY/NJ
how do we do that?

how bout posting it here as for starters for those people who live in NY/NJ and encourage them to join in

and we got to have a meeting place maybe once a month for not eventhough not officially so we can organize this thing better....

suggestions anyone?
u know a place somewhere in NYC? any place that would be good to meet.

i guess it would be good to ask rick for some help in posting somewhere... city would be hard.. no? kinda hard to meet in a city aside from me not know my ass from a whole in the ground when it comes to the city...lol...

flyers would be good also, im assuming, im pretty good with graphics and stuff so i can see if i can come up with something.

There is a Maxima club here by me and they have it broken up into chapters, like west Long Island, East Long Island and NJ. I could probably get something started out here if needed.

from the look of how may people we got so far... lol lets just get something together first... but i know what your saying, i will do the same for nassau....

I hear u guys

I think yer right chuck!

and thats a good idea 4wheelin.... as chuck said we hav to be at least 20-40 to start that thing... I think we should ask help from the administrator to put up a sign for us ( a poll for anyone enterested to join so can have a bare count of how many pple are in and contact them to this discussion

Let's get a name together and a graphic for it and then we can have an admin. make it an important post somewhere so people can see it. Once that happens we should make the flyers and just start talking to people. I think each person who is going to head up each section should pick a general spot in the area that anyone can go down to and hang out.

now yer talkin

yer getting jiggy with it now 4wheelin, LOL

that's really a good one...
is there a way we can contact rick (admin) to help us out with this thing?

you can just go to his profile and send him an email.... as far as the name goes.. any suggestions, do we want explorer within the group name?


how bout EAST COAST XPLORERS or uhhhhmm

X-PLORER empire

man.... this harder than giving my band a name

wat u think guys

those sound good i def think we shouls have east somewhere in the name.. what do u think?

I'm from Westchester NY, about 45min from NYC.

We could make stickers for the club too! It would be sweet.

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I like East Coast Xplorers (or Explorers) a lot! I think we should definitly go with that name and get windshield decals or something made up. I will probably have mine done at a local place over here who does really quality work on things like that and I might be able to get a deal on them. And now if we go with that name then we should set up people who want run their "area" and then take it from there.