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Explorer Code P0332


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December 2, 2015
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2020 Ford Explorer ST
Check engine light was on. I went to my local Ford service this morning. They said that they were busy and I had to leave a car there for the rest of of the day and call them after 3pm, will have to leave the car with them over the weekend and did not give me a timetable. I had to get to work today and they had no loners available, offered shuttle ride but I refused.
During lunch break I stopped by the local Autozone and they diagnosed Code P0332 - indicates That the bank 2 knock sensor 2 electrical circuit input signal had low voltage for a predetermined time. It was raining a bit and I went through some puddles of water but nothing crazy.

Will take it to the Ford service next week but I just don't feel like leaving my car there for who knows how long.
Has anyone experienced anything like this before. My truck has 14K miles on it.

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Did a 'search' here but did not find that particular code.
OBD-II Trouble Code: P0332 Knock Sensor 2 Circuit Low Input (Bank 2)


They wrote that the ignition or delivery of fuel fault as knock reading is higher on Cyl 6 after monitoring pids during road test as per ppt. Performed power balance test to verify cyl at fault, found 6 cyl intermittent drop. performed all kinds of tests...
Found excessive carbon buildup, on the injector. faulted injector. bank 2 cyl 6. Replaced injector and tested, cleared error.

They also completed the 17N03 Recall and reported that this recall will only last until the end of the year.

How could there be a Carbon buildup on a 15K mile car lol. I dont understand this.

Drove a couple hours away for a family event. On the way home noticed some hesitation and got a check engine light. Forscan lite reports P0332-C. I've googled and read about it. Anyone have any experience with this? I'll take it in Monday.

I'm the second owner and at 30,400 miles on a 2016 model that I think went in service September of 2015. So I've passed the 3/36. These vehicles come with 5/60 on the powertrain, right? From what I can tell P0332 is either knock sensors/harness, injectors, or coils? All should be covered by 5/60?

Check the terms of your federal emissions warranty.

The EMISSIONS PERFORMANCE WARRANTY COVERAGE is shown in your Warranty Guide brochure.


Turned out to be a pin-hole in the wiring for a knock sensor from rubbing against the exhaust manifold.

So this post has the details, as I had to find these. Here is the chafing wire details:

3.5L EcoBoost – Illuminated MIL – DTCs P0325, P0327, P0330 And/Or P0332 – 2016-2017 Ford Explorer | Ford
NHTSA ID Number: 10153933 Manufacturer Communication Number: TSB 18-2367 Summary Some 2016-2017 Explorer/Police Interceptor Utility vehicles equipped with a 3.5L EcoBoost engine built on or before 30
Or direct to the pdf might be better:

Youtube quick shot on it:

Thank you for that post. The TSB has been added to the 2011+Explorers TSB thread.


My engine light came on. I have a code reader and it came up with P0332. I reset the the code and the engine light turned off. Then drove it for a few miles and it came back on. So I left it on. The vehicle seems to be running fine. No knocking or turbo lag. We drove the vehicle yesterday and the light turned itself off. It hasn't come back on. Could it have been old or bad fuel? We don't drive the vehicle much. I filled it up the other day and that's when the light turned off.
Should I still have my dealership look at it or wait for the light to come back on?

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