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explorer dead! need help!


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November 1, 2011
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1996 Ford Explorer xlt
i have a 96 ford explorer xlt 4.0 v6 and i was driving yesterday. me and my buddy where going through the trails and hit a puddle. half way through the puddle the engine stalled and then when trying to start it again it would go click and nothing would happen. all the power in the truck would go out. do i need a new battery? i tried jumping it and it didn't work. let me know asap please

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Something got wet that isn't supposed to. It'll probably start fine in a day or so. No, probably not a battery problem.

While you are waiting for it to dry out, check your battery cables for corrosion. Pull the cables and clean them while you are at it. ALWAYS check the simple stuff first. Also, how deep was the water? Someone else had a similiar problem recently, with hydrostatic lock. Try turning the engine over by hand, if it doesn't turn over, pull the plugs before you try starting it again.

how do you turn it over by hand? and it was about up half way up the wheels. like up to the bottom of the truck. in other words i couldn't open the door or water would seep in. and i tried to start it today after letting it sit all night and everything and nothing happened.

You turn it over by hand by putting a socket on the bolt holding the harmonic balancer on and turning it in the direction of normal rotation with a breaker bar. When you say nothing happened today, would it not turn over - or turn over and not start?

Made an account just for you.. I had a similar problem once when i went through a puddle. What i was told to do was tap the sylanoid (What they called it) On my explorer it was located behind the front left tire hiding just behind the shocks i do believe. Its a little hard to get to but if you hit it with somthing (With a rubber handle if metal. It will spark and it will electrocute the poop outta you.. Trust me..) While someone else cranks it.. Thats how i got mine started. Also your air filter is soaked if yours was like mine..

Hope it helps. Maybe some of these guys will know more then i will but this is what fixed my truck and hopefully yours too.

thank you very much everyone. and i tried everything but now i have to buy a new starter. no biggy tho. thank you so much