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Explorer dies after sitting

August 31, 2014
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1995 Explorer
ok so the truck seems to run fine. But sometimes, and this seems random, it will die after I sit at a red light. I have noticed that if Im sitting with the blinker on, the volt gauge will move up very slightly every time the blinker light blinks but I wrote that off as normal. But as I said, sometimes after I'm sitting for a few minutes and then take off, it dies. It's not every day. Also I've noticed that every time it dies I'm turning on to another road after sitting for a bit. And I'm not sure if this matters, but every time it happens I'm turning left. Don't know if there is a common problem with this. Also, every now and then the idle seems to surge and the volt meter moves a bit more noticable but I also wrote that off as normal because the ac is at full blast.

Oh and it never dies just sitting, when taking off after sitting for a bit.

If you have those symptoms when the fuel level is at
about 1/4 tank, then I'd suspect a split fuel hose
inside the tank. There's one that connects the fuel
pump to the hard line on the pump assembly, and
it tends to split and crack over time....

Hm. I never really thought to pay attention to the fuel level when this happens. I'll bet that's it. Because all injectors and spark is good and I hardly keep a lot of gas in it because right now I just drive it to work and back. Thanks I'll check this out. Is this hose inside of the fuel tank?