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Explorer + Excursion = ouch

Well, I got my first body damage last night. After 4 years of driving it happened. I was in the driveway last night and when I went to back up, I didn't relize my mom's Excursion was parked in the driveway. Well my corner of the hatch met up with her bumper, plowing in the corner of the hatch and smashing my taillight.

Any ideas how much this might cost me? The metal under the taillight was dented enough to hold the hatch shut. I messed around with it a little and I get get my hatch open and clos eit fine now. I have a new taillight on the way that I got on ebay today. Also how long would it take to get this fixed? It may not be able to get into the body shop until July since no one in my family can be without a vehicle. Looking for your advice here, MONMIX :) .

Also, since I may not get it fixed until July/August, should I shoot some primer on the parts the paint rubbed off of to keep it from rusting?

Well, here's the damage:


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March 14, 2002
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It doesn't look TOO bad.

It would be cheaper to replace the hatch from a junkyard than to put a few hours of body work into it.

As for the area under the lamp, its thin and weak to begin with. It would take a couple hours MAX to get it right again.



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January 23, 2002
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They just HAD to hit the FORD emblem :thumbdwn:

Like said, just replace the hatch and remove the taillight and beat it out as good as possible. Then use some body filler. The hatch would be more trouble/labor than it's worth at the junkyard to fix.


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April 16, 2002
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yeah swap the hatch.
The damage went into the inner shell once you ge into that area it is like pushing rope :)

The area under the tail light is gonna be a pain in the ice.
The metal there is rather stout and with as much shape is there it gonna reqire a good bit of skill. I don't know if you are willing to to it your self or not I can coach you through as much as possibel if you decide to go that route.

In the mean time how ever, get the gate ###tional. Remove the tail light and take a short 2X4 and a heavy hammer and put the two by four flat on the pannel just below the tail light. Give that sucker a good wap or two or three. Get enough clearance to opne and close the lift gate. Rough the area up a bit with some light sand paper ( say 180 ) and spray some primer on the bare metal.

Looks to me like you should be able to get a replacement tail light in there with out much issue. I would do that ASAP to stop joe law from pestering you.
Either way, tail lights are a good thing to have :)

Best of luck and let me know if I can help any further.


March 25, 2003
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I was hoping you would see this, monmix.

I got the tailgate open. It opens and closes no problem now. I am almost 100% sure a new taillight will fit in there. The only part that busted out is the reverse light portion, thankfully. I am concerned about johnny law catching up with me, I don't want any hassle form the law. As for swaping the hatch, it's gonna have to wait cause I am just don't have the money right now. I have no plans on fixing any of the damage under the light myself, I know a body guy that will most likely fix it up nice for me (the guy's work is incredible, one of the best body guys I have ever seen).

Thanks for your help, everyone. Hopefully when I get the coin, this will be fixed asap.