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Explorer for the Jeep assist ...


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December 28, 2016
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Orange county, Ca
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95 Explorer 4X 4.0 ohv
Came up with this today.....I say....who needs a mechanic assistant ?!!
So I had to replace the idler pulley on Jeep GC ....my other reliable 4.0.... and upon glance realized I could leave belt in place and not find helper to relieve tension on serp belt to dress all back into place.
And here's the part you all are excited about.... pulled up Explorer to strategic spot where rear door latch /jamb would be into place and joined together a couple tie-down straps....zip tied hook to "ratchet 1" pulling/loosening tensioner so belt would sag under pulley.
Worked great ! ** PIC OF ratchet was before routed tie down up and over shroud / out of way of second ratchet access...
Jeep promised to assist Explorer when it's pulley needs replacing....did similar with stuck rotor on Jeep....although secondary measure got it all the way off....
**This method of course could be implemented for SOLO serpentine belt replacement as well.
P.S. My neighbors love how I turn our street into auto repair zone...

jeep explorer 1.jpg

jeep explorer 2.jpg

Whenever someone brags about something only taking 5 mins, this is the picture I have in my head. That is genius and I will be grabbing my ratchet straps when I need to change out my belt.

Lol I'm all like hey mom get out here and hold this wrench lol... True story