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Explorer Forum Dog Memorial Thread


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September 2, 2020
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I used to take Aspen on hikes and bike rides in the X, too bad I wasn't into off roading back then as I'm sure he would've loved it. He was very energetic and pretty anxious, but also very smart, extremely loyal and well trained. I don't have plans to adopt another dog right now because I feel like I'd just be trying to get another Aspen and that wouldn't be fair to Aspen or the new dog. Any advice for moving forward?



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November 29, 2000
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That first picture has the dog's entire personality in it.

I got another dog already. I couldn't stand the house being so empty. I do a lot of solo camping and a large part of the experience has always been having a K9 companion along with me. We adopted a stray from the county shelter. 5 month old German/Anatolion Shepard. He's gained about 20 pounds in the month we have had him.

I thought about everything you mentioned. The main reason I felt I had to get another dog was because my Sasha was such a awesome dog. There are thousands of dogs out there that would love to live a life with me, or you. Dogs are too much of a part of my life to be without one. It has nothing to do with being fair to the memory of a lost and loved pet. They would want you to be happy, that's all dogs really seem to care about is their master being happy. I look at my big goofy puppy and I do get sad sometimes because I am still missing Sasha, but then he does something that makes me smile. Don't let grief interfere with filling that void. I believe that when its my time to go, all the dogs I ever had will be there waiting for me. Part of having a really good dog is knowing that they don't get to hang around here very long, but you will see them again, my friend.