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Explorer hood modifications!

Loose the roof rack, chrome door handels, stepbars.

Buy some saleen wheels, billet grill, black headlights with smoked rears, lower it a little and you'll complete the look. You should be able to do most of that cheaper then the supercharger.

I can picture the direction you are going and I like it, so once the exterior is complete, I believe other's will change their mind for the better. Keep at it;)

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Make it functional, put grills, so it doesn't look like its sticked on. :thumbsup:

Edit: Wait, is it sticked on?

One of the first mods I'd do is losing that stock exhaust. Agree w/ losing the roof racks. Also possibly ditching the side steps and finding some shirts. Another possible suggestion is rather than blacking out the taillights (can look too much on black cars) maybe paint the horizontal line black and the rest red, kind of like how stang lights are broken up. Good to see something different.

i have step rails that were off my mountaineer if you are interested. they are much cleaner then the tube style you have now. let me know if you're interested i will post pics. actually i just saw you commented my pic of my mounty with the 20s those are the side steps. the wheels are made by boss and i forget what model

Roof rack

Does anyone have pics of a black ex like mine with no roof rack? I agree about the step rails... I had Ben considering removing them... But I have to admit the roof rack on my ex is one of my fav appearance
things about it... But then again I've only seen 1 without one and it was laser red... Not really a basis for comparison...as for the side vents yes they are stick on... That's how they were from factory on the saleen f150s... At some point when I have more cash I plan on adding the landrover style vents and cutting them in at some point... I do really like the suggestion about the tail light tinting the reverse portion... Thank u guys for all you opinions! It gives me a good idea of the direction my project should go... Next big purchase will be the gt500 hood insert... And I need to repaint my hood.... Got some nasty road dings...

Here is a couple of mine




I just cant bring my self to remove my roof rack just yet... like I said i know a lot of people seem to not like them but i kinda like the look they give on the black.... is their any advantage to having them removed? Does any one else out there like the roof racks or am I the lone ranger? because if the consensus is that it looks better without I may try it for a while and see what i think... I may attempt the running boards tomorrow... at any rate I am on hold for any more purchases as far as badges and things until pay day... going to call my local ford dealership tomorrow and price the gt 500 hood insert... so wish me luck on that price! im sure it will have a high tag...

If you use them then leave them on, if not, then remove them. Other than a cleaner look(my opinion) you may notice less wind noise on the highway. Plus, if Saleen was to build a 3rd gen, he wouldn't have the roof racks on;)

ok so I think Im readyto remove my roof rack. how do i do it

The rack has 6 attachment points. Pull the covers off and remove the screws. Reinstall the screws and use touch up paint to blend/seal them. Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to remove with a power drill. Post before and after pics ;)

I have a question about the roof rack thing, if youi do take them off does it add any chances of water leakage into the car because the last thing someone would want would for there to be water in there interior, and btw i still have mine on and i don't plan on uninstalling it in the near future

No removing them shouldnt let water in as long as you put the retaining screws back in the mounting holes. Mine had some sort of white rubbery thread lock on them and I'm pretty confident water wont be getting in.

Cneagle06, you still planning on doing the GT500 hood vent? I'm keen to see how it turns out and possibly interested in doing the same to my X. fyi Tasca Ford have the vents listed at $44.50. ;)

So those side vents are non-functioning?

Hey guys, there's no sense at all in ragging on somebody about thier modification descision to THEIR truck.

It's all personal taste.

I've met plenty of people who don't understand my lifted and BFG'd truck. My ex didn't get it at all (perhaps there's somethign in that eeh?)

"you took a perfectly good truck and made it unreliable and now it get crap gas mileage too?" "yeah, but I LIKE IT and I OWN IT soo..."

So cut this guy some slack. I think the vents work, they look a helluva lot better than the chrome buick venti-port that are slapped on alllllll kinds of vehicles out here in SoCal...

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the ex looks good, yeah it would be better if the vents were functional but how many vents like that on car actually are? not as many as you'd think. even the hood scoops on mustang gts aren't so does that make them "rice"?. keep up the good work and make it look how you want not how everyone else wants