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Explorer Interior Shampooing

April 20, 2011
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Hello fellow EF members :), has anyone ever had their interior shampooed, and how much did you pay?

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I've used the Bissel carpet cleaner machine / vacuum with fabric/carpet cleaner to clean the carpet and seats, works pretty good for what it costs.

I wouldn't pay a service to do it, especially if it's $$$, because you can buy your own portable carpet cleaner machine for about the same price, and clean as much as you like, just buy the cleaning liquid.

You can also do it the less expensive way, and pull out the carpet yourself and hose it down then scrub it with a brush and rinse off and hang dry. The seat covers come off and you can usually throw those in the washer or use the hose/brush method as well.

Will the carpet and seat covers shrink when they dry?

I hate shrinkage :D

Carpet- Quarter Wash/pressure washer. Usually about $10.00 in quarters to do the carpet and mats.

How do you pull off the seat covers? Im assuming you mean the actual seat cover, not aftermarket seat covers.

i own a shampooer vacuum, bissel i think, but i always take mine out. maybe on a newer car then 05 with tons of wires and hidden clips and stuff id just leave it in, but i find these old trucks easy to take a part to remove it.
i use dawn or simple green usually. should i be using selsun blue to get rid of the flakes? haha. and i hook it up to the pressure washer, just a $80 1400psi one from walmart.
all the dirt comes out, the only thing i cant get is sun fading or real deep hard stains that have been there years and years. you can see some of that in the pics








and for seats, ive just used carpet cleaner in a spray bottle and a brush. then wet-dry vac with bristles on the end to clean it up.
although i did take my rangers old cloth seat and pressure wash it in the yard, it came out looking amazing. i just let it dry for 2 days to make sure the water was gone. then i stuffed it in the back of the garage cause the trashman wouldnt take it lol

I purchased a Bissell Little Green ProHeat cleaner based on the $70 final price and stellar reviews on the auto detailing forums. Tried it ONCE and sold it a week later on CL. Spray pattern was too wide for the small brush, weak suction, heater ineffective, and pricey cleaning solution. IMO, it's a fancy overpriced toy. Started again using Tuff Stuff aerosol foam with a stiff bristled nylon brush followed with a vacuum. No contest, it takes some work and effort if you want good results.


I have never let my carpet get too bad so for me, a foam cleaner & some water in a spray bottle & a shop vac. Works for me.

I've been pretty satisfied with using resolve high traffic spray foam on mine spray it on scrub with a semi soft scrub brush and vacum up with my shop vac. I spilled a chocolate milk shake in there last summer ( I hate that they dont put real lids on there) and basically just wiped it out with a damp towel. Work got busy so I basically didnt have time to clean it properly. for about a month. When I finally got around to cleaning it resolve took it right out. When I first did mine about 7 years ago the previous owner had spilled coffee on the transmission hump it took 2 resolve treatments to get it out.

If y'all haven't pulled a carpet and powerwashed it, try it- it's way beyond spray bottles and brushes. It's easy on the Ex to pull a carpet, and the results and resulting cleanliness are unsurpassed. It's impressive what junk can come out of a seemingly clean carpet. I also agree on the extractors- unless you have a professional model, they lack the proper power to really do much of anything but make wet still dirty stripes.

This is the best way, IMO!

Carpet- Quarter Wash/pressure washer. Usually about $10.00 in quarters to do the carpet and mats.

This is the best way. I had to bite the bullet and get the socket to be able to remove the socket screws behind the seats. I know it would have taken at least 5 rounds of foam brush+vacuum method to get the carpet looking anywhere near as good as where I got just blasting it with the pressure washer wand at the coin-op car wash. Maybe 5-8 minutes on the "soap" setting, then 10-15 on the "rinse" setting. My carpet was still draining ugly brown water, but looks very nice in the car.