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December 30, 2013
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1998 ford explorer sport
Stock 1998 Explorer 2 door support; check engine light came and stated on. Went to two shops to read but all were pending codes not explaining this horrible misfire.
Starts & runs w/a bit of a shake, while driving there is a "jerking" hesitation throughout the acceleration range.
:usa: No shop had an answer for me. Several months earlier I had replaced the coil,DPFE (1vac line wad burnt through) plugs and wires.
Since this was an X at the eighth vin digit, I had to replace the wires again as this sohv (pushrod) uses shorter boots at the plugs.
Frustrated & finally getting an obdII to read cylinders 3 & 6 missing. I did for go the fuel &cyc compassion pressure checks. (Fuel filter less than a year old).
I bought Autolite Platinum plugs for the 3rd time, but this time I GAPPED THEM TO .054 not the mechanic I had previously had doing the work.
This was the fix. Both plugs were wildly out of gap spec w/ oil and glazed fire wires(you what I mean).
My misfire was due to my plugs not being gapped correctly after I had my change them previously.
W/ 148k on her I'm having to replace plastic/rubber vacuum lines now to as they get older.
Those lines can lead to po171 & po174 lean codes. Remember to clean the mass airflow sensor when you do your air filter.