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explorer mud flaps

January 23, 2000
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All right I really didn't know where to put this question so I thought I'd just stick it in this section and hope that maybe someone could help me out. Okay, I am looking for these explorer mud flaps i saw on an explorer the other day. I have looked in all the performance catalogs and asked some other places and no one seems to know where i can find them. I am next thinking about calling the dealer even though i fear that if they have them they will be costly. If anyone on here has any clue where i can find them, I would be much appriciated. The ones i saw were black of cours and had explorer written in white block letters across the bottom. If you know where i can get them please let me know. THANKS

Explorer Express has some mud flaps that fit your description. These flaps also have two checkered flags above the Explorer logo. They're like $15, and you can check www.explorerexpress.com or call them at 1-888-EXPLORER,
the part number is FMM16550B117

Hope this helps!

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I used to have the mud flaps you mentioned. I got mine from the dealer, and you are right, they are costly. I haven't seen them anywhere else but I had to imagine that the dealer is the only place to get them.