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October 30, 2001
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Versailles, KY (Home) Poughkeepsie, NY (School)
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2004 Honda Pilot LX
So guys, get this: I have no more Explorer :(

Over Spring Break, my plan was supposed to be to leave school, drive down to New York City to spend some time with a friend from high school, then drive home to Lexington for a few days, then spend a night in Atlanta, then drive out to Charleston and meet some friends from school for a week, then drive back up here to school.

On the drive from NYC to Lexington (about 11 hours) the tranny started acting a bit weird, sometimes it didn't want to upshift. I wasn't too concerned about it, I was used to the Ex being kinda sketchy.

I told my parents about it when I got home, and they said I take it down to Aamco and have them check it out. They report that there's no one single thing wrong, it's just a 10 year old Explorer with 112,000 miles. The tranny's just old. The guys at Aamco recommend a transmission rebuild, priced at $1300. My dad and I politely decline, under the assumption that the Ex will at least last until the summer.

(I bet you see where this is going.)

The next day I left Lexington and drove down to Atlanta. I was on the highway just getting to Atlanta, about 30 miles north of my friend's apartment, and the transmission started acting funny. I figured I only had a bit more to go, then I could park the car and let it sit. Unfortunately, with 10 miles to go, the transmission decides it just won't upshift at all, and I had to pull over.

After sitting by the side of the highway for a while, I tried again to drive, and it lasted long enough to get to my friend's apartment. Once I got there I had to start thinking. The remainder of my trip involved driving from Atlanta to Charleston, then Charleston to NYC, then NYC up to school. I knew the Ex couldn't make the rest of the drive in the state it was in, and I was greatful to be abandoned in Atlanta (where I'm from) rather than in some random place on the side of the Interstate, so I decided whatever I did had to be in Atlanta.

Unfortunately, it was not worth it to get a transmission rebuild, which left the Ex as a barely running vehicle. I milked it down to a Carmax by my friend's apartment, and they offered $2700, which I thought was pretty good, especially when you factor in the non-working transmission.

My dad drove down to Atlanta on Monday and brought all the paperwork for the Ex, and we sold it to Carmax last Monday. We emptied the Ex out and handed it over along with the keys.

And the Ex is gone :(

This is very depressing, because this is the car I've always had. I started driving it when I was 14, and my friends and I have all grown up in the Ex. But on the bright side, we all loved it, and we drove it hard, and it managed suprisingly well. And at least I lost it in the city it loves (Atlanta).

And hey. At least now something new and better may pop up :)

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Sorry to hear about the loss of your Explorer. Is another Explorer a possibility or at least another 4x4?

Its always hard to get rid of your 1st truck. Lots of memories. Go get another and make some more memories. Good luck!
BTW: Where did you buy the bumper or did you make it?
If you bought was is it bolt on?

so you're parents moved to kentucky? had enough of atlanta huh? did you get another vehicle or are you on a bicycle now? and how's the expedition mirror thing?

thats a real bummer to hear, cant wait to see the new explorer

Well, now you actually deserve the "Diablows" moniker LMAO

Sucks to hear...update us on a new ride....

Sorry to hear about that Chase...make sure to let us know what you get next.

Thanks for the condolences

Right now I don't really have any idea what's coming next. I'm back at school now, and I won't be getting anything new til May when I get back home. My parents don't trust my judgement to buy myself a car without them, and I don't trust their judgement to buy me a car without me, so it just has to wait.

But yeah, this summer is going to be a big road trip summer, so I imagine whatever I do end up getting will get a lot of new memories really quickly :)

I bought the bumper from a company called Kennesaw Mountain Accessories. If you do a search for them on the site you'll come up with a lot of info and feedback. And I got it welded on.

Yep, the parents moved up to Lexington back in October. They weren't really big fans of Atlanta. And as of now I'm just relying on friends to drive me around school. It's supremely uncool.

But I will definitely update everyone when something new comes along :)

Just wanted to update everyone that something new has come along.

On May 24th I got a 2004 Honda Pilot LX.

Unfortunately there aren't any pics yet, but the thread is here:
My New Truck