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explorer on a ranger frame??

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i have heared that the explorers sit on a ranger frame ? is this true???

OK here is the plan i want to make a 4 door truck out of my explorer ! i want to chop it after the rear doors and graft no the back of a pickup cab and put on a regular short bed.??

are the body mounts the same on the ranger and explorer frames??

i will need to chop 2 ranger frames and weld them togather so it will be the proper length and then it will be a bolt on project.
i know it will be a lot of work but i think with full with axles and 37"-40" tires it will be one of the coolest trucks arround!

anyone see any flaws or hangups that i might run into?
i have done simmilar projects with jeeps so i have the skills and the tools

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