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Explorer, Ranger, AND Charger tinted tails for sale!

Three sets. Professionally painted. All lights are evenly tinted. No cracks, no chips, fully-functional. I even have bulbs if you need them.

* First fits a 2002-2005 4 door Explorer. They are medium/dark tinted. No problems whatsoever with light shining through. $100 firm.

*Another set for a 2001-2003 Ford Ranger. Can also be rigged to work in a 1996-2000 and a post 2003 ranger. You will have to switch between one and two bulb brake lights. These are jet black, and are a bit dim. You can always purchase LED bulbs to put inside them that are brighter off of the internet, I've seen some at autozone too. $75 Firm

*Last is for a 2006-2008 Dodge Charger. Should fit other years as well, chargerforums.com for information. WILL NOT work on 300C or Magnum. These are professionally tinted and the tops painted black to match the black on a charger. Wouldn't look bad on any car. Pinstripe can easily be removed. These tail lights are not flawless but pretty close. They are a medium tint.

You could also scuff and tape off the top color and spray on a different one if you felt it necessary. Up to you. Would look fine either way. $100 firm

You pay shipping. I can't see it being more than $20. I don't have time to quote it for you. I've shipped text books for $15 so I assume tail lights aren't much more.


I upgraded all three vehicles to matching LED housings from the same company for uniformity. Removed the old sets, now they are for sale for you.

e-mail me, NO private messages, I am killing myself with classes this semester and don't have time to check all of the forums that these are for sale on.

If you need clarification. E-mail me, again. FLORIT0275@YAHOO.COM







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