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Explorer Ranger TTB list of useful links


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May 3, 2007
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OK, so I am far from an expert on the D35 TTB but every time someone does a thread on modifying theirs I get all excited and start thinking about what to do with my own.

In the past few years I have collected quite a few links in relation to the TTB in the 1st gen Ex and I’m pretty sure lots of other guys have too. I would like to pool all our collective knowledge for easy access.

This will be a database of 1st Gen TTB links, grouped together so you can find what you want quickly. Rick suggested it be in this forum and that made better sense than putting it in the TTB It’s For Me social group.

Steering linkage:
Stonecrusher Experimental Steering
Offset TREs w/Stonecrusher Steering Setup
Broken Steering Shaft
Drop Pitman Arm
TTB Steering Info
Saginaw Pump Upgrade
Steering for lifted TTBs by Rusty
BillaVista's Hydro Steering
Saginaw Hydro Assist by BillaVista
TTB 101 by 4X4junkie
Examples of Swing Style Steering
Upgrade factory pump by Tbars4

Maximum Flex with Jeep Coils
Lift Reviews
4X50 Explorer's F-250 shock mount
F-250 Shock Mounts
James Duff lift
Tbars4 (The Squirrel) Lift
The Quest For Droop, or Yellow Lab Drives 1st Gen
F-150 Coil Seat
Drop Brackets. What to look for
Optimizing the Skyjacker
Washer Coil Spacer
Not the average lift question
Naasau's garage art
Spring discussion

Radius arms/beams:
Broken/Cracked Beam?
Cut & Turn
Zimmerman's Rig
4 Link TTB
Extended Radius Arms
Cut & Turned Beams
Beef Up Your Beams

Knuckle swap, brakes, hubs, spindles/bearings:
D44 Knuckles on D35
Brake Line Positioning
'95-'97 Ranger Brakes On 1st Gen
Manual Hub swap
Another D44 Knuckles on D35
Auto & Manual Hubs 101
Stronger Jeep Manual hubs D35
Securing Hubs To Rotor
Wheel bearing issues
Auto Hub Washer Fix

Axle/driveshaft modification:
U-Joint Snapring Upgrade
C Clip Eliminator
Rebuild That Double Cardan
Double Cardan Joint Rebuild
U-Joint 101
C-Clip Eliminator by Tbars4
TTB binding issue
RCV axles for the TTB?!?!?
U-Joint identification

D 35 TTB Durability
Front Diff Removal
Limited Slip D35
General info gear set-up
R&R and Locker install
Speedo gear color codes, formulas, part #'s
Drain plug for front diff by The Junkie
Diffs, lockers
Is it a selectable locker or is it a LS?
Flip Truetrac gears
Good conversation on front LS or locker
Speedo Drive Gear Primer

Alignment for TTB's
Camber bushings
Wheel alignment 101
TTB Camber
Camber shim info
Camber bushing replacement
More on alignment

General information/parts:
TTB General Info
How TTB is supposed to work by 4X4junkie
Get the most out of your TTB 4X4junkie
D28/D35 TTB Specs
Chrome moly outer axles!
The flexiest TTB
Driveline 101
Hybrid vrs. true D35
glfredrick's 10 step program on how to build an Ex

Misc mods/build threads:
TTB limiting rig for hill climbing
DeRocha's TTB rebuild
1350/1354 doubler or double your pleasure, double your fun
How to install different gears 8.8
Kevlar clutch plate for the Ex

I will add your links under the proper heading as you post them to the thread so that they are easy to find.

Obviously my thanks and credit to the other forums that have threads listed here such as TRS, Pirate, Great Lakes and others.

If you find your thread here and want credit or want the link removed please let me know.

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Looks good. I'll make it a sticky:chug:

Cool, thanks for the additions. I already had Ted's hub thread. Very informative. Added the beam threads but the rear disc swap should be under an 8.8 solid axle thread of it's own. The doubler thread is there as a link from TRS under build thread (nicer format). I wanted to have all TTB stuff but if there are enough TC threads maybe I will add an area for transfer cases. Not going to spread it out any more than that though.

Thanks again

And thanks Rick!

This can go under steering linkage ;)

http://www.therangerstation.com/Magazine/winter2008/steering_tech.htm (Pitman Arms, Linkage & Wheel Alignment)

Under Hubs:
http://www.therangerstation.com/Magazine/May04/offroad.htm (Stronger Jeep Hubs for the D35)
http://www.therangerstation.com/Magazine/Dec 05/offroad.htm (Securing those loose hubs)

Under Lifts/Shocks:
http://www.therangerstation.com/Magazine/Mar04/offroad.htm (Tips for Skyjacker suspension kits)
http://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/WasherCoilSpacers.htm (Washers used as Coil Spacers)

I'd add a little note at the end of each one like above to describe what each link pertains to, since there's so many here.
Or maybe format them like this instead if the above gets too long for some of them:

Pitman arms, Linkage & Wheel Alignment
Stronger Jeep Hubs for the D35
Securing those loose hubs
Tips for Skyjacker Suspension kits
Washers used as Coil Spacers

I didn't click each one you got here, so not sure if some of them already take you to pages with the above links or topics, but here they are directly.

Nice work! :salute:

Thanks Junkie, your input is always appreciated. I'd love to change the long links to a short one that says what it is but I do not know how to do it. can you point me in the right direction?

Click Quote on my post and you'll see how they are formatted. ;)

You can just type them out like that, or use the Insert Link icon
at the top of the Post Reply box to do it (highlight the text you want as a link, click the icon, paste in the URL (paste over or backspace the "http://" out so you don't end up with a "double http://" on your link). It will format it so it changes the highlighted text into a link).

Hey thanks dude, I added the link. Thought I had that one already but must have missed it.

If you find something else good let me know and I'll add it!

Will do! I think you have the vast majority of my bookmark library up there already, but I'll give it a complete lookover once the weekend hits.

I'd be interested in seeing how you mounted the second shock there.

I still need to whip up a pseudo build thread on it, but the short version is that I modified the Skyjacker Radius arms to accept the same mounting style as the JD upper coil seat that I installed. The tricky part was getting the geometry right, so that the shocks wouldn't bind/hitch as they moved through their cycle even though they were so close to each other.

I'll see if I can get the lazy version of a thread put together then I'll link it over. :D

Looking forward to it. I will add it to my list...

You notice any great change in handling etc? I guess you'd address that in the thread. I'll stop bugging and wait. I'm very patient... not.

Got it!

Wood> Here it is! Take a look at it and let me know if you think that it is worthy of your awesome compilation of TTB coolness. And if there's anything missing or that you would like to see, just yell at me in the other thread. :D

New section on alignment. Please offer your own links/threads to add to the list.

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Good god this thing has grown! I don't know whether to be impressed or intimidated.

Either way I see free booze deep in the future for you.