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Explorer seats... very uncomfortable.


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April 22, 2003
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Chattanooga, TN
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1997 xlt 2wd 5 speed 2.3L
My 1995 xlt's seats are not very comfortable. my 1992's were leather and they seemed to be better. IS it just me or are the seats not up to par?

My 1997 ranger's 60/40 seat is probably one of the most comfortable seats i've sat in, aside of my porsche' seats. i wonder what the 60/40 seats would look like in an explorer? fugly? definately more comfy.

are your seats uncomfortable? does anyone have a ranger also that can attest to the 60/40 being a better seat? would you ever consider trying the 60/40?

I'm not saying i would or wouldn't, i'm saying i need to do something... the seats hurt after a while. i never have that problem in my ranger.

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I agree. My shoulders are above the top of the seat so I can never get just right.

Whats a 60/40?

i have a 96 with the "sport" full power plus the manual adjustment leather seats. i really like them- if your seats are different maybe you could try to upgrade to these since they would be easy to find and would be a cheap bolt in. if you have these- i don't know what to say.

i do also have some 1994 dodge caravan full power seats for sale in grey leather though.

I fully agree, the seats in the 95-97 Explorers and 97' Mountaineer's sucked, I thought they were the most uncomfortable seats I've ever been in. That was the only thing I hated about our 97' Mounty when we had it, they felt way to overstuffed and rubbery. The seats in the 94' we had were much better then 95-97 seats and had better support around turns.

However the 98+ seats are awsome. My mom now has a 00' 5.0 Mounty and my sister has an 01' Explorer XLT and both of the seats are so much better. Their a lot firmer and more comfortable IMO, the Mounty seems a little better, if they had more side bolster support they would be good enough for a sports car.

Nothing compared to a Porsche like you said lol. We had a modified 95' 993 manual and those seats were awsome, you could drive for hours and hours and still be comfortable except for my sister squished into what they think is a "rear" seat lol, sold it before we got the 97' Mounty.
Originally posted by onelasttry
aside of my porsche' seats
What Porsche do (or did) you have? We had the modified 993, a friend of my moms has a highly modified Ruf Turbo 996. We're thinking of getting a new 996 at the end of this summer, but we might wait b/c the 997 model is comming out soon and looks awsome (slightly more of a 993 look but more aggressive) and it will have an "S" option (like the 993 Turbo S) that will be a n/a engine at 370hp, the base will be 340hp. One thing I seriously miss, is the old air-cooled growl of our 993, nothing compares to that pure mechanical sound:( Porsche loving family here, I'm still playing with the idea of finding an older early 80's S/C that would be awsome at autocross/DE tracking events etc....I'm a member on the Rennlist board, Raceit on this forum is also a member there, he has a gorgeous 944.

I have/had these:


you can click it to make it bigger, then at the bottom you can view my gallery for other 924's and 944's on page 2.

I had one air cooled 911 that isn't in the pic. I was a vintage freak in the late 90's. the yellow 944 had a mfg date of 6/82... really early vin #'s. i kept a 914 in possession for about 8 months and decided not to restore. i picked up a 911t in 01 and kept it for about 6 months but it was a plague of problems and let it go. i'm pretty satisfied right now with the vintage stuff, but i do hope to find a C4 with a *** turbo in the future. Right now i have a lexus sc400, my 97 ranger, my 95 explorer 4wd, a '79 924, and the '82 944 1st year. so i really don't need to buy anything else, but the C4 has been on my mind for years now and i'll probably go for one this year. If i didn't have 3 90's model cars, i'd consider another 911t, but i'd be leary even still with the experience of the last one.

But the seats.... :D Oh boy, i need a pair of those in my explorer.

redShift- the 60/40 are the stock tweed seats in a ranger. (occasionally came in vinyl)

i have the sport leather seats in my 99 and they arent bad....my parents cars are definately more comfortable (jag and volvo) but mine arent bad at all

With my Xs:
-The leather seats in my '96 LMTD suck......way to flat with no support
-The leather seats in my '95 XEB rule........lots of support, very comfortable

Apparently the leather seats in my '96 XLT rock. A lot of people have told me they're the most comfortable seats they've ever sat in. But a seat is a seat to me. Try swapping in some leather seats before you swap to a 60/40 bench.

My 98 seats are uncomfortable. I think they were made for bigger people 'cause I'm a small guy and they just don't fit right for me. The seats in a 93 X that I had were fine.

TAS, my ford seatcovers wouldn't fit over my seats in my 95 when i took them out of my 93. Definately a size difference. the base alone looks longer even to the eye. the seat covers confirmed that for me.

i agree, the 60/40 in the ranger were comfy until i swapped them for 94 navajo buckets. much better. :D although my vinyl bench in my el camino is the worst. :(

Onelasttry, your seats look comfortable to me. I wish mine had that much cushion. The seats in my XLT are horrible, they are the flatest seats ever. No support whatsoever.

My seats SUCK unless positioned just right for me. If it isnt just right, after 15 minutes of driving my lower back is in so much pain that driving QUICKLY becomes a chore and I get fatigued. I'm just too lazy to get new seats, because when it is right, its fine, its just another seat.... but when it is wrong, its bad.

My '92 EB leather seats are pretty comfy..no complaints in that department. My bro's '96 EB are ULTRA comfy- I'm thinking of stealing those chairs ;)
My dad's 99 limited X has chairs that are more comfy than a lazy boy.
My mom's 96 Jimmy has absolute horrible chairs. They're attractive, but man oh man wayyyy tooooo soft!

my 95 seats are great! leather and there full adjustable!

I'm going to go with the general concencious, the leather is awesome, full lumbar sopport and 8 way power adjustable!

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I love my leather seats, they're great... especially after we got our jeep grand cherokee with leather seats, they're so hard, it hurts to drive.