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Explorer shakes at 60mph

Considering this happens on all X's with the old suspension, & the new setups, I would think it's not suspension related.

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I just got an alignment done on the X. It was way out of spec. It still is alittle out because I need another type of camber kit with (different degree then the ones superlift sent). Anyway, she rides A LOT better!!! I still get a minor shack at 65 but that's probably because a combination of my front driveshaft needs to be replaced and it's alignment is still just alittle out of spec. I also had them balance the wheels. They did it the best they could, came as close as possible. I definately suggest getting an Alignment/Balance first to solve this shacking problem. Good luck ya'll!

my shakes around 75-80 but i guess thats normal lol... it shook last night after that pos civic dx that he had something in the v4 pushing 87 hp lol he got toasted.

92 eb stock
k&n air intake


I had a horrible shake right after I bought a new set of Goodyear Tires that were balanced. It was right at about 60-65mph. I went right back to the tire store and the tire guy said that they were way out of balance. Who knows what the last guy was smoking when he attemped to balance those tires.

I haven't had the problem since. I just rotated the tires for the third time since I bought the new ones and the truck is still running well.

Just because the tire store says they balanced it doesn't mean it was done right.


My '94 EB also shakes from around 60-70 so i try to stay unde or above this speed. Also i wld like to have a copy of that TSB if i cld get it.

The first thing you all should check is wheel balance and an alignment, that should help out a lot.

Above 65 and I can make a drink sitting in the console go flat in a few minutes. :0

It's my tires though. With both Explorers they had no shakes, then with the tires they both did/do. It's worth it for the tires. :)

I have had a rather strange noise coming from my front and and it has recently gotten worse. I currenlty have a 2000 Sport with the 16" wheels and P255 Goodyear Wrangler RT/S tires. I noticed around August/September that driving down the road, I could hear a "wob wob wob" noise. In October at 35,991 miles I drove in to the dealership because of this noise, but also because my brakes were pulsating when stopping. They ended up resurfacing the rotors which solved the immediate brake problem. As far as the vibration noise they replaced "worn" ball joints rotated the tires, balanced all four tires, installed both side upper and lower ball joints and installed camber kits on right side after checking alignment. Over the last several weeks I have noticed the vibration to be getting worse and also the brakes are starting to pulsate again. I had my mechanic friend replace the rotors and pads for me. Yesterday while driving home, everytime I turned right, my steering wheel began to shake violently. Going straight seemed to be OK. I brought it back to him this morning and he says that he can't find any problem. Now the brakes are great, but everytime I hit a bump, the steering wheel vibrates violently fpr a cpuple of seconds and goes away. He says that he doesn't know what to do. Does anyone have any updated information on these issues, and have any suggestions. My tires appear to have a decent amount of tread and I don't wish to buy new tires already!

I forgot to mention that when we lift the front end this evening, we could about an inch of movement from side to side when the steering wheel was locked.

wife said"is this thing gonna shake apart?"lol
so far gonna try a balance and align...never rotated though

has anyone tried on vehicle wheel balancing to try and solve there shakes mine runs perfectly smooth at all speeds 95,000 klms and all the shocks are well past replacement , while its good i dont think i will change anything

if it aint broke dont fix it

I had finally took care of most of my vibration. In fact now it is real minimal. I had replaced the rotors and wheel bearings.

The rotors can warp real easy on these vehicles and also torqueing them to the correct psi is very reccomended in order to avoid them warping again. Balancing always helps, But warped rotors really made the difference after cutting them in the machine shop.

Good luck

You sure he put the brakes on right?? Another possibility, check for air in the PS system.

Since this is being brought up again, I just wanted to post my resolve..

Had tires, balance 4 times 2x at 2 different shops
Had front and rear drive shafts replaced.
Had rotors turned (made a slight difference)
Replaced U-joints (viola.. that did it)

come to find out after more thorough questioning at the dealer, when Ford replaces the drive shafts, they don't replace the u-joints... Yup they used the original one's.. there reasoning "they were within specs"

So If you've had your drive shaft replaced, ask the mechanic if they replaced the u-joint w/ new ones....

So you are saying that your rear driveshaft's ujoints did it then??

(I would assume so as the front drievshafts/ujoints wouldnt have any effect on a truck that had auto or locking hubs unless it was a fulltime 4x4).....

I was considering doing this......anyone change their own rear ujoints?? Tough job or easy enough??

WHat tools do you need??


My X shakes like a **** at about 62 to 69, and it's especially bad on right had curves at that speed. My X is a 5spd.. when going around a right hand curve, the stick shakes violently. Yesterday I tried to hold hold the stil still, but I couldn't. I felt it being forced to move from the base of the stick. When the X is not shaking, the stick doesn't shake. Now, one of the Ford TSBs on the shakes mentions motor mounts. Anyone thing my motor and or tranny mounts are worn or shot? My X has abotu 134k miles on it.

EDIT - a non-related question: if I remove the drive shaft to replace the ujoints, will the tranny fluid come out the tailshaft like it does on my Mustang? :frustrate

I had my motor mounts changed at 134k , or just about, but my shaking began at a little under 200k, when I put some new rotors on. Thought I had just done a lame job repacking and reinstalling my wheel bearings. But there wasn't any play in those. And it only shook at 65mph. So I got my tires balanced. No shake. I haven't done anything to the suspension except throw some bilstiens on the front end. That shaking thing at 65 is great, I can't believe so many people have this problem. It'll probably come back again for me, I'm probably just lucky.

The shakes started on the day that I got the rotors turned, put on new pads, and replaced the radius arm bushings. I'm also wondering about the wheelbearings. Soon I hope to check them... now that I have access to a ft-lbs and in-lbs torque wrenches, I can be confident that I have them in spec.

I had all 4 tires balanced, and it just made the problem much worse!

I had also thought about replacing the outer axle bearings and ujoints (I have a 2wd X), mainly because it's pretty easy, and it's not very expensive. Might as well start eliminating what I can.


This sounds discouraging.
I just had new brakes, rotors, bearings, and tires rotated and balanced.

I didn't have a shake before, now I always have it at highway speeds. Steering wheel and the rest shake hard.

The mechanic says it has something to do with the air in the power steering or a bad a rack and to call Ford about bulletins.

Does this make any sense at all? Or should I go back and say what's going on?

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Stol, If it didn't start until the next time you went in higher speeds after getting your breaks etc. done, it's probably something to do with the job the mechanics did. I was getting an annoying squeek so I went to get the rotor spun, the problem was the shop that had worked with them before put the clip on backwards. Many of these people don't pay much attention to these little details, and this may be your mechanic's problem.