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Explorer Shifting Problem


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July 6, 2007
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North Carolina
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1994 XLT Explorer 4x4
I have a 94 XLT Explorer 4x4 that is not shifting from 1st to 2nd without me lifting off the gas. It wont shift at all when its cold. When this problem started about 3 months ago i could start the truck cold and it wouldn't shift til it warmed up and after that it would shift the rest of the day with no problem. At this point i change the fluid and filter and checked the pan for metal but didnt find any. Then I started letting the truck warm up for 15 minutes every morning and i didnt have no problems at all. One day on the way from work i got on the gas hard to pass a car and it down shifted and wouldnt shift back up until i got down to about 3000 rpms. Since then it wont shift from 1st to 2nd until i drive it about 1/2 mile first thing every morning regardless if i let it warm up or not. I have to stop at a stop sign about a 1/4 mile from the house and when i take off it feels like it slips just a little bit. It only slips at that point some mornings not all. The rest of the gears shift fine. Ive read quite a bit on this forum and see it is a common problem. Ive check the modulator valve vacuum line for fluid and its dry. So i decided to check the intermediate band. I put the truck in neutral and tried to turn the drive shaft but couldnt so i loosen the band adjuster and still could not get the drive shaft to turn neither way. I checked to make sure the shifter was working right and that it weren't between gears. Im lost at this point. I figured id post and see if anyone could help. I About forgot sometimes i leave work at lunch and it will shift right 1 time but not all the time.

Anyone got any ideas what i can do to fix this ?

Many of your issues sound like the governor is sticky. I'd clean the governor first thing.... THEN see what issues remain.

Thanks for the reply Glacier991. After reading alot in this forum i kind of felt the problem could be the governor but i just weren't sure. Not being able to turn the drive shaft by hand was what puzzled me. Should i be able to turn it or would the 4x4 make it hard to turn ? I'll check the governor when i get a chance and let you all know if cleaning it helps.