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Explorer Sport 1995 Lift Info


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January 14, 2005
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1995 explorer sport
1995 Explorer Sport/ 2 door standard trans. Looking to do a 3" body lift. Can't find the body lift for this year. Any info? Also the torsion twist. How much to twist. The rear. Whats the best way for the rear axle? My Bronco 2 the leaf spring was on top of the axle. Now the Explorer is under the axle with a single leaf spring. Should get one off a 4 door Explorer? Thanks.

I think for 95-97 you need a ranger body lift part #853, but I am not sure on the body lift.
But you can lift the rear:
1. get leaf packs from a 4-door, not sure how much lift?
2. get a set of lift shackles warrior or generic ones (at pepboys, autozone, etc.) for about 1.5 inch of lift in the rear. Most people like warrior cause they are made for extreme offroad, I got the genaric ones from autozone and they have held up fine for the last 15 months (I only do light off roading and mudding).
For the front torsion twist, just screw in the adjuster bolts to lift the front. Only adjust them to about 2-inches of height max, going higher can cause the cv joints to bind. I would suggest taking measurements first on the front so you know what the start height is and then you can adjust the froint till you measure 2-inches of lift in the front.
If you need pics of the sadjusters or more in depth info, just use the search function and it will tell you everything you will ever need to know about your questions.

Critical_Level2 said:
I think for 95-97 you need a ranger body lift part #853, but I am not sure on the body lift.

That is correct ;)

Thanks, I will start to get the items together. Now 33's warn winch. Are you talking tires? Thanks, Brian