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Explorer sport rock crawler

Well I started out last winter with a d30 swap and a soa in the rear with 33s and 4.10s got super hooked so this winter went to full width 8.8, f250 Dana 44 five lug conversion, 4.88 gears, Spartan locker front, welded rear, diy beadlocks, 35" km3's 1350/1354 doubler. Stretched the front wheelbase about 5" forward.full hydro steering, finished last night but still have some front fender trimming to do and some misc things to call her good!







I like it, especially the before and after pictures in reverse. I was wondering why you stretched the front that far forward? My axle is about 2" forward so the tires avoid contact with the firewall. With 35's, that's all I needed and think I can get 37's in there.

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I stretched it for a better approach angle and I just wanted a little longer wheelbase is all.. plus I really like the look of it

Makes sense. I do end up pushing my front bumper over ledges before the tires make contact. Looking at the side pictures again, I totally get it. You got the leading edge of the front tire even with the bumper.

Yeah the nose on these things sticks out kinda far plus I have a front skid plate protecting the bottom of the radiator