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explorer sport trac vs. christmas tree stand


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May 5, 2000
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Westmont, Illinois
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'93 Ranger

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Impressive! Maybe a bit overkill, but impressive. ;)

Did I overbuild it? Darn it all, that always happens when I'm in the garage....:confused:

Overbuilt? Screw that! How many people have that lame red and green stand hanging on their wall for 10+ months of the year? FINALLY a stand that you can use the whole year long! Make an adapter that fits in the stand with a crossmember cradle so it can be convertible:

Christmas tree stand in the winter...
Jack stand the rest of the year!

If I had an artificial tree, I'd be in... Nice work! :D

Thanks everyone. I just tried that listing format for ebay auctions and it works, so I'll use that way if I ever need to post a link to an ebay ad.

Yeah, it's a tad bit stronger than the red and green one you find under most trees. But when you have a welder, nothing is safe from modification.