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Explorer Sport Tuff truck racer Build, D44 TTB

I bought the tuff truck I raced all summer for my brother, from him. Now that it's mine, I'm doing a few more things to it. Main thing is D44 TTB and Full Width 8.8 trussed in the rear. Hoping to get some major front suspension travel and maybe later on build custom equal length steering setup.

I bought some custom front I beam brackets from CopyKat on Dezertrangers.com and hope they will make my life a little easier. I also have been thinking about using my Duff sas arms, but making custom welded on bracket to the TTB arm, that the duff arm bolts onto. Time will tell.

Video of a race this summer.


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I got my I beam brackets yesterday. I will get some pictures of them. This weekend.

Took a long long time to get brackets.
seems like its been maybe nearly 2 months,m just got lucky to catch him when he was doing a run of them. I'm using one as a guide to build another lift bracket for a friend also.

I have not forgotten about this project.. I have just been really busy and in the middle of helping a friend lift his sport and get it ready. Also this weekend helping guy that bought my axles from white explorer to put them under a YJ.

I did sell my copycat brackets. They were sweet but i will either make my own set after seeing those or use something else.

I want to race this truck this coming summer but also use it as my harcore trail rig so I'm trying to figure out what will be best setup for me.

I might use my duff and skyjacker drop brackets instead, havent looked to see if I have much room to relocate the mount hole inward 1in on each.... ??

Yea thats kinda my thought since not doing a cut turn and might be re using my Duff Early Bronco 5.5 coils seams like to much for only 1.5 drop.. The coils will lift front I think more than regular ranger 5-6in lift coils. i don't want it to, but think its gunna..

here are a few old pics of the previous setup.

Which did work great! but I wanna be wider. with stronger hubs.




He seemed to imply that the 1.5" drop brackets with a full width (I assume uncut) Dana 44 would amount to a 4" lift over stock brackets with the Dana 35. Which I kind of agree, I'd rather get a total of 6" out of the swap.

When I used 5.5" early Bronco coils on my SAS, I think they were closer to 8" of total lift as compared to the Explorer TTB 5.5" lift coils. That of course all depends on what height you mounted the new buckets.

Yea the lift doesnt come from the drop brackets, its all about what coil setup you use, I was just worried about alignment issues with 5.5 EB coils and only 1.5 I-beam drops with stock un cut beams.

Looking at a pic of the Skyjacker bracket. If use the upper hole location they use for 4in lift normally there is room for another hole 1 inch apart.


i have been looking at a straight front axle swap. i just came by a 97 ex and want to build a toy. any thoughts on the idea

As always plans changed :)

After looking brackets over the skyjacker drop bracket for driverside beam had plenty of room to re drill for the D44, but the Duff bracket would need some extra metal added. Ive decided to use this truck for different things, so sorry wont be completing this. I dont think I will be racing tuff trucks