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Explorer Stealth System Build


April 18, 2010
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Puyallup, WA
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2000 Limited 4WD
Hey all, this is my first post in this forum so I figured I'd do a build log of the system I'm putting in my fiancee's 2000 Explorer Limited V6. The system is primarily assembled for SQ, not bumping bass. It's going to be completely hidden and look factory, except for the head unit.

Here's her car

The first thing I installed is a new head unit since her factory CD/cassette deck display was burnt out and the factory CD changer occupied a lot of space in the center console. I opted for a Kenwood KDC-BT945U because I've had great luck with Kenwood decks and love the X993 I have in my daily driver.

The unit has Bluetooth, USB and a decent display. The display is white, though not color-matching like I'd prefer, it isn't blue at least and white goes with everything.

For now, the deck is connected to the factory Mach speakers and sub until I have more free time. The sound quality is much better and more tunable than with the factory deck. Bluetooth on it works great for calls and is very clear, since its a Parrot designed integrated Bluetooth system.

Here's a shot of the deck installed

I have the microphone and USB cable placed in the little cubby and it works quite well. No complaints from anyone regarding call clarity yet.

She loves the head unit and Bluetooth feature and is quite happy.

However, I'm not content quite yet, since I have a couple items laying around that need a home.

So next thing I'm going to install are new speakers. I will be installing a pair of Focal Access 6.5" mids and crossovers with a pair of Seas Prestige 27TAFNC tweeters. I will make a custom MDF plate to mount the mids and tweeters so they remain hidden in the factory locations.




I will also be installing 2-3 Sansui SM1500 amps. I wanted to find a single compact 5-channel, but the Sansui's weren't selling when I posted them on Craigslist, so they will be put to use. The Sansui's are based on the PPI 2075AM design and are rated at 2x75 @ 4-ohms, 2x150 @ 2ohms and 1x300 bridged.

Here is a pic of the amp

I will use one for the front and one for the subwoofer for sure and maybe one for the rear doors, if I don't just use a single amp for each front speaker.

The factory sub will get upgraded as well, but I'm unsure what I want to use. I might go with an 8" TangBand from Parts Express or some type of shallow mount. I will figure that out later.

The speakers and one amp will hopefully go in this weekend. I will keep this thread updated with pics.

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Interested to see what you come up with, I'm running an Eclipse double din nav unit, a four channel arc audio amp for doors, and a two channel for a sundown e8 in the stock enclosure. Right now I'm running diamond coaxials in the doors and looking to upgrade those and also a better subwoofer enclosure.

Very nice! You must be a member on DIYMA?

Yep! I don't post much there though.

After taking apart the factory MACH speaker, it doesn't look that bad. The design is quite smart and in theory would work better than an aftermarket speaker.

Ford was smart, the front plate speakers are a separate tweeter and mid inside a sealed enclosure with a real crossover, not just a capacitor to serve as a high-pass filter.

Since the speaker is completely enclosed, it isn't affect too much by the doors, unlike most drop-in after market speakers that use the entire door as a free-air/giant enclosure.

After playing with the EQ a bit more on the deck and tuning the front speakers with the subwoofer turned off, I believe the factory speakers are quite adequate for now and should really come to life with a little power sent to them. The speakers are rated for 25-watts, so a 2x75 amp should match up with it quite well.

Eventually, I want to swap out the factory mid and tweeter with a new driver and the Seas tweeters I have, and build my own crossover while retaining the factory enclosure.

Here's a shot of the insides of the factory speaker