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Explorer Suddenly Died!!!


September 17, 2006
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Wife called :eek: . She got to work in our '99 4.0 SOHC X. It ran fine, but when she went to lock the doors using the key fob, it would not lock. She then tried to lock it using the key pad and again nothing. She then discovered that the entire electrical system was dead, engine would not crank, no interior lights, etc. Any ideas on what could suddenly cause a total shutdown like this?:confused:

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check you battery terminals. mine did that to. i replaced they cables.

Thanks greenmonster. I've been thinking about it and that makes sense. The connection to the battery was good when she started it this morning then it lost battery connection sometime while driving to work but ran off of the alternator. Therefore, when she stopped it, there was no power coming from the battery, thus, everything was dead.

Good to see more Hokie's on the board.

I'd check and make sure the battery has a charge. Then clean the contacts for the cables. If you get enough corrosion you can create an open circuit

where the wires meet with the adapter for the terminat, the screws came loose and sparked and the computer would kill power. all you need to do is unscrew the wires, clean the tips, pake sure they make a clean circle (no wires sticking out) put them back in, not touching, and reapply the bolts. Hope this helps!!

It is also possible that the battery went dead while driving. If a cell grounds out they can die instantly, and the truck would continue to run (poorly).

It was the ground cable. Came loose during her drive to work. Cleaned it and retightened it. Wife is happy so all is good.


That happenes to me ALL the time. Its annoying, but im just to lazy to really do anythin about it. i just tighten it and im on my way!