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Explorer to Expedition hub conversion


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December 31, 2014
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Camp LeJeune, NC
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2007 XLT
After seeing all the different threads about what wheels and brake upgrades (still working on the braided stainless kit), has anyone seriously looked at converting to the 6 lug Expedition/F-150 hubs? Before I start really pulling things apart and getting crazy, has anyone addressed or even attempted it?

Who wouldn't want the larger brakes and more available stock rims (that look better in my eyes)?

sounds good.... I would like mine to be the 135mm 97-04 F-150 hubs... still have my roush stage 2 18" rims in the shed.... too bad I cant even come close to affording the tires anymore

I work at a place that heat treats both style hubs "3 bolt" and "4 bolt" and as far as I have ever known the outer carrier rings are the same just depends on the spline count inside.... we do 3 kinds of 4 bolt and only 1 kind of 3 bolt so something has me thinking now

I currently have 2 new hubs as backup units 1 for my truck and 1 for an 04 trailblazer I will have to measure the back mounting sides with a pair of calipers and see where they differ as they are both 3 bolt units

I have been looking at both the knuckles (which are quite similiar) as well as the hubs themselves. The outer race appear to be close in size but the inner race in which the actual hub itself slides into are much different. I couldn't find anything that declared the sine counts. I know the turbo Subaru axles shafts and hubs by heart......

Time to find a junkyard with both and bring the micrometer and see what we get.