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Explorer to Expedition lights

Ok, here's the $10 question:
Does anyone know how hard/possible it would be to put 97-01' Expedition or 97-01' F-150 headlights on an Explorer?
The thing is, is that I am going to do the front end conversion from 94 to 00 using Perrys grill and other parts. I am wondering if one could widen the headlight holes in the grill and fabricate some brackets to fit and hold Expedtition or F-150 headlights. If I could get my hands on a really cheap 00' Explorer grill and an F-150 or Expedition headlight, I would try it myself. If anybody knows or has suggestions, let 'em fly!

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Complicated but anything is possible.

I would not try it because of the alignment of the headlamps. If your mounting is off then the headlights will be off and trying to get them corrected could be a nightmare.

But if you do not try then you will never know if you could do it; so try it on a junk setup first.

The Perry converion looks good, why not stay with the stock lighting ?

Good Luck,

Sandy's right - There was a thread not too long ago where a guy wanted to swap in F150/Expedition headlights onto his '98. You could do it, but it's lots of fab, and probably not worth the effort. :smoke:

the easiest way, not easy just the easiest, would be to get the whole thing from the expy or the f-150 (grille, headlights, surround, light mounts, basically everything ahead of the fenders and core support) and narrow that. then cut the proper size hole for your grille, trim all the other things to fit like they should then fiberglass all the empty pockets. ANYTHING is possible look at some of these imports and anything seen at indiana. hell i've seen a 2-door s-10 lowered with what looked like a mustang front end and side scoops. all it takes is money patientce and know-how or a good bodyshop

just my $.02

The reason that I was asking is that they now make the euro clear headlights for the Expedition and F-150. The only place that I have seen them is in a Performance Products magazine. If I could fabricate holes for an Expy or F lights, then I would put those in instead. I think those would be quite nice. I have looked all over the web, but I cannot find a picture of them, and Performace Products does not have them on their website yet! What do you think?

Okay I found a website with a picture:Dead Link Removed
I think these would look great on an Ex. And yes all it takes is money, but thats what is lacking!

Money, huh, does anyone have any extra !
Pls send any extra money to me.
Anyway, ha ha !

I think the idea will look good.
I like the idea of molding the F150/Expy grille to fit the X.

Sounds like a good winter project up here in New England.

Please keep the Forum in touch with where you go with this.

Good Luck,


Now the first step, try to find a seriously cheap headlight and grille......

Will this work...headlight conversion?

How about trying the sealed beam conversion first?

Switching to different beams, especially in cunjunction with 80/100 bulbs, would greatly improve the X's headlight capabilities.

If there is a concensus this will work, let me know which to order for a '93 and I'll try them. :bounce:

Thanks, Bob

Dead Link Removed

You could probably fab a bracket to fit a sealed beam headlight from a mid to late 80's Bronco II or Ranger in there. My Bronco II's headlight are like five times better than my explorer.

One small step.....

The first step in a long walk! I found an F-150 headlight and bracket on Ebay for $24. Now I have to find the grille.....

and the journey goes on.....

Alrighty, I got my F-150 headlight on Monday, and realized how wide it is. So I think I may try and fabricate an F-150 grille to go on the front instead of cutting up an Explorer grille. I found a junkyard that can get me a new grille for $55, so I will have that on Thursday. Kind of going along the lines of Expobronc's idea. And at some point I am going to have to order the fiberglas fenders, but this bites because it is around that time of year when I have the tightest budget!