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Explorer Transmission


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April 10, 2008
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I pulled the pan and gasket off and was going to just put a new filter and gasket on. Fluid is so black I feel like I should drain the rest of the fluid out of the transmission. Is there a drain plug on the torque converter.

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Welcome, and no there isn't. Many of us have resorted to a fluid changing procedure that includes changing the filter, refilling the pan with fresh fluid, disconnecting the transmission fluid line and letting it drain into a bucket (engine idling in park) and pouring fluid into the fluid fill tube at a similar rate. Once the fluid runs clean you shut off and reconnect your line. Add fluid to the proper level and away you go.

I would suggest you have someone help as it is possible to do by yourself (I did) but easier with a helper.

The fluid doesn't come out of the line at such a fast rate that you can't keep up with it. The aim is not never let the transmission fluid level run too low.

If that seems too much trouble, drop your pan and change your fluid. Run the vehicle again, then change the fluid again. You will have replaced most of the old with fresh.

I suggest you add a second (large) transmission cooler in front of your rad. It will help your transmission last much longer. Kits are readily available, the stacked plate design is superiour to the tube and fin. Lots of guys have added an external transmission filter set-up as well. (I did) It catches smaller particles than the filter in the pan and is very easy to change.

One other thing, use a dacron filter, the cheap ones are merely a screen and the better one is a filter. I think that I bought a filter from Ford and it was the good one.


Welcome to this forum! When was the last time you replaced the fluid, and filter? How many miles do you have? Do you tow or do any off road driving? This chart is # 34 in my list of useful threads:

Ibought it about 2yrs. ago, and have not chaged the fluid. I have reverse, but getting into forward gear I have to raise the engine to about 4000rpms. Is changing the gasket and filter going to solve my problem?

The filter could have been plugged, but it's more likely you have a problem with the valve body. Does it shift correctly once it goes into gear?

Once I get going in drive, it shifts really good thru the gears.

welcome 2 to the forum

No towing or hauling. 200K miles. Should I rplace filter and gasket again? Fluid was black.