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Explorer VS Sport trac

Ellie Mae

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November 20, 2016
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2008 Explorer Eddie Bauer
I have a 2008 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition 4 door 8 cylinder truck. I want to put a bull bar on it. Will a bull bar that fits 2006- 2010 Sport Trac fit ? I seem to have trouble finding bull bars in black that are specified for my explorer.

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Yes, they mount right up. I have an explorer one on my sport trac. Just has to be for the same gen. 2nd gen sport trac is the same as a 4th gen exploder.

Thanks for responding. Just so I am clear, 2005-2010 Sport Trac trucks have the same mounting points as a 2008 Explorer and the bull bars will fit right on ? I am not sure about the whole generation thing but I get the concept.

ONE lousy typo and that's what I get huh ? lolol Thanks !

So....As long as the bull bar fits an 06-10 Sport Trac, it will fit my Exploder ?
( Look, No typo's ) Eheheh.

Thanks for the advice, I will probably order that bull bar tonight. I appreciate the help. Wondering if I can install it myself, if the truck will have to be elevated, or if I will have to cut bumper/skirt. I hope I can just crawl under and bolt it on.

2 cuts in the bumper skirt if its like mine is. each a half inch across, and about 4 inches long. Not a really big deal. Easily done with a pair of side cutters. then a matter of bolting it to the rad support. 20 minute job if you have a beer in your hand, maybe.

I will let the beer chill while I do the install. If I drink the beer during the job I tend to get a bit creative.... Course that's not always a bad thing.
Thanks again folks, I ordered the bull bar and I can't wait to put it on.