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Explorer wont start in the cold help!


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December 11, 2009
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Greensburg, PA
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2002 XLS
My Explorer (2002 XLS) wont start if the temp is lower than about 40F. If it turn the key to run, and then back off about three or four times before I actually turn the motor over it will start. This leads me to believe a fuel pressure issue? When the motor is warm (or it is warm outside) it starts fine. Any ideas????????? Thanks!

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probibly your fuel lines are getting cold and freezing a bit, also your oil freezes when it goes that cold and it won`t get any oil pump pressure. Do you plug in your block heater at night? it helps a bunch

I think he meant + 40F not -40F.

I know AB sees -40 F/C but I don't think it gets that cold in PA.

OP do you mean engine won't start (fire) or won't turn over (engine rotates)? If it won't rotate its probably a weak battery.

Assuming it turns over, you could have water in the gas tank too? Try running some Dry Gas or something similar. Other than that when was the fuel filter replaced?

Fuel pressure then ECT sensor

If it's not your fuel pressure being too low (you'll need to test it) then it might be a bad engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor. The PCM enriches the fuel mixture based on the ECT sensor reading. When it is cold the mixture may be too lean to start the engine.