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explorer wont start on 1st key-turn.?? after a long trip


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April 30, 2009
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2002 explorer. Eddie B.
My 2002 4.6 ,v8, used to start on the 1st cranking rotation..perfect !,

Went on a long business trip (over 500 miles,,one way. sat for 3 days then 500 back)since then . when i start it now, i can crank it over and over and over..and it will not start..only on the second turn of the key will it turn over and run,,and that isnt until it cranks 2 -3 rotations.:(:(

i checked the fuses all are ok...i dont remember if i should here the fuel pump or not? But in any case I dont hear the pump.

no codes are recorded, no "check light"

i have added seafoam..and injection cleaner..no change through multiple gas fill-ups.

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does it crank with full power? a bad coil/plug would show up as a fault...
You might have gotten a tank of bad gas on your trip---change your fuel filter, its relatively cheap.
But before you do that reset your computer. Ive found for really strange things on my Mount a reset sometimes does the trick and its free.....

I changed the fuel filter...let is set overnight ..and BAM. STARTED ON THE 1ST ROTATION the next morn.. but ill do it a few more times, after cold soak..to be sure,..:)

Good to hear you got it fixed....I think a lot of people overlook their fuel filter, including me. Makes me wonder how many vehicles are out their with hesitation and rough idling due to semi clogged filter.

If you still endup having problems in the long run......... wipe off the crank position sensor......the grease, oil, and road grim tend to cause malfunctions as the levels build up.