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Explorer won't start


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November 23, 2014
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1998 Ford Explorer
Hello All, First time posting on here. I bought a 98 Explorer for my daughter this last summer. Everything has been good up until last week. It had been sitting for a couple of weeks when i went to drive it and it wouldn't start. It turned over but wouldn't start. It wasn't cranking the best so i put a charger on it for a few hours and then it started. Thought i had it fixed. Well wrong:mad: I started it for 5 days in a row with no problem. Daughter finally could drive it on Friday and drove it to school, drove it home, then had to go back to school and it wouldn't start. It cranked good, but i put the charger on it just to see if that would fix it again but it didn't. I had one person say its the fuel pump, but i wanted to get your opinion.
Thanks for all your help!