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Explorer XLT 00 Heads and Cam??


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December 6, 2001
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'00 XLT
I was wondering what after-market camshaft and heads i should put onto the 5.0 for some added power and nice grumble?

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If your heads are good, take them in to be ported and polished. You'll likely need the intake manifold you'll be using and the headers for best results. As for the camshaft, you need to know what you expect from the truck... Do you want it to have good torque? Do you want it to have good stoplight to stoplight performance? What's your goal with this upgrade?


Thanks for the info about the heads, but they're Crap...for another 500 or so i can get brand new heads that will have twice as much flow... About that cam though i was looking for an overall performance upgrade (ie: horsepower/torque/loud!!!) Any ideas??

If you want loud do the exhaust, the cam won't help out much. The heads on the 5.0 are not that bad, but the cam is the pretty much the worst one ford has ever made. I am personally going to install the E-303 cam and a set of roller rockers, this will really wake it up. If thats not good enough when your done through a blower on it.


The cam will change the sound somewhat. It'll change the evenness of it. Internal work is definitely good for power, throw exhaust on there and I'm sure you'll get the sound you're looking for.

Originally posted by ExploderXLT00
Thanks for the info about the heads, but they're Crap...for another 500 or so i can get brand new heads that will have twice as much flow...
um..... do a little research. the GT-40p's your truck has are pretty decent stock, and can be flat out killer ported and cut for chevy valves. im not trying to talk you out of a nice set of aluminum heads, but yours really arent that bad. example-

GT-40p.......intake lift @ .500= 196
TFS street ..intake lift @ .500= 220

GT-40p......exhaust lift @ .500= 139
TFS street..exhaust lift @ .500= 135

as you can see, the TFS flows a little better on the intake side, the explorer flows slightly better on the exhaust side. the TFS street heads are wonderful, but dont discount porting/cutting the stock GTP's. this is only part of the data and i can produce more if you would like. your main issue is going to be the lack of headers. there is no point in running a super high flow head on an engine with junk exhaust manifolds. since this is your limiting factor, i would personally have the heads done by someone who does lots of P's, and run a rather small cam.

it really all depends on what you want the truck to do and were you want the power to be. give further details as to what type of powerband you want and we can discuss this further. :)

I agree with james on this, the heads are pretty good if you port and polish them. Im starting some time next week adding an E cam and porting the heads and im hoping i can see a difference

whats more important with a blower setup..... more intake or more exhaust lift?

there are many guys building go fast mustangs on a budget using the gt40 heads.

Hey James- Do you have the lift numbers on 1996 GT40 (non-p) heads?

Edit: I just did a search and this is pretty interesting....


Originally posted by PUR PONY
whats more important with a blower setup..... more intake or more exhaust lift?
the main thing is to focus most of the work on the exhaust side. the intake is less important because boost is forcing itself into the combustion chamber. you want to get it out with the least amount of resistance (in theory). like i said, all of this doesnt really matter until you get a decent set of headers. the best worked heads in the world will still choke if you have stock manifolds or the FMS headers.


thats what i thought. Yes... my limiting factory right now are my FMS headers. Is Troll still working on building headers... I have emailed him but have not heard back. Havnt had time to call him or his brother either.

These guys are right. Do not discount the GT 40 heads. I went 10.56 with them in a 93GT (a lot of other mods also). Also remember that you still have a exhaust manifold restriction.

Thanks for all the info guys. I think im goin to look into gettin custom pipes bent for some duals out the rear. I've been thinking about flowmasters all the time, but wanted to get a cam and heads when i learned how much power they could make. Then i realize your point about restriction. So im goin to start in the rear and work to the front ;) Let yall know how it goes...thanks again