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Explorer XLT 1997 OHV engine number location - any ideas ?


January 28, 2010
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Perth, Western Australia
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97 XLT
HI everyone !

I am really struggling to locate the engine number on the engine block for my Explorer 1997 XLT OHV. The manual only says that the number is stamped on the engine block but stuffed if I can find it. Some dud at Ford told me over the phone that it would be somewhere between the engine block and the transfer case. Would that be visible from either the engine bay or from underneath the vehicle ?
Can anyone tell me ? I have to take the car for an official inspection and they have raised this question before.

The engine is a V6 4.0L OHV. My Ford is RHD but I'm thinking that it doesn't really matter since it is the same engine everywhere..

Pls Pls Pls ! any idea ?


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did you have any luck locating the engine as iam haveing the same problem with my 99uq explorer

try the rear of the block, drivers side below the head. Use a mirror between the engine and firewall.

VIN location

The tenth digit of the 17 digit VIN indicates the year of manufacture. The identifier changed in 2001 [1998(W), 1999(X), 2000(Y)------2001(1), 2002(2), 2003(3)]
For the SOHC V6 the last 8 digits are stamped on the rear of the block on the driver's (left) side as shown in the photo below by shelbygt.

It's probably in the same place on the OHV V6 but I doubt that you can see it with the engine installed.

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