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Explorer XLT Stalling


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April 10, 2012
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Dallas, TX
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1995 Explorer XLT
I have a 1995 Explorer XLT. It has a tendency to want to stall at low RPMs. This problem only arises when I have about a half a tank of gas or less. When full it does not stall. RPMs dip close to 0, bounce back some and return to normal if it does not stall. I can also keep it from stalling if I decelerate slowly. Idling can have a little bit of bouncy RPM at all levels of gas. What ideas does anyone have?

I've seen these symptoms in a few of the 1st gens that were caused by a few different things, which I'll list in the order of cheapest to most expensive, that you can check/fix relatively easily.

1. MAF sensor (it's right by the airbox in a metal collar, a can of MAF cleaner is all you need to spray in there on the filament, then let it dry out)
2. Fuel filter (it should be inside the frame rail on the driver side under the drivers seat, it's also easy-ish to replace and the tools are cheap)
3. o2 sensors (I'm willing to bet that you have two of em and that they're really old, they're located on the exhaust pipe and you can buy em from Rock Auto [look for the NEW discount code that's floating around on the site] for 30ish a piece.)

If these check out and your X is still not throwing codes, then there are a few other things we can check out.
Caveat: I am in no way an expert and I don't know much about 2nd Gens. I do know that some 1995's were still OBDI's and some were OBDII's, so if you're having these issues and no lights I'm assuming that our trucks innards are closer to mine. Good luck! :salute:

Thanks. I was thinking along fuel or O2 sensor also. May have to check out the first option first. Hoping the fact that my civic gave a check engine light before i noticed any performance issues with O2 that may mean it is not this. I will investigate and let you know how correct you were

Alright, good hunting.